10 most anticipated horror movies of 2024, ranked


After 2023 proved to be a great year for horror fans — thanks to movies like Scream VI and Talk to Me — 2024 is gearing up to be even better. Loaded with prequels, sequels, remakes, and new stories, 2024 has a lot to offer horror lovers. There are even going to be lots of excellent “horror-adjacent” movies too, like Beetlejuice 2 and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Though these movies aren’t technically horror films, they have a lot of elements that horror fans love.

Whether you love psychological horror, supernatural horror, or good old-fashioned slasher flicks, 2024 is going to be an excellent year for anyone who loves a good scary movie. Check out the 10 most anticipated horror movies of 2024, from killer clowns to the return of the Xenomorph,and more.

10. MaXXXine


Completing the X trilogy, MaXXXine will pick up after the events of X and Pearl and focus on Maxine’s journey to become an actress in 1980s Los Angeles. Mia Goth will reprise her role and she’ll be joined in the cast by Lily Collins, Kevin Bacon, and Halsey, among others. The film’s plot is being kept heavily under wraps, but director Ti West gave Men’s Health a little taste of what fans can expect.

MaXXXine — and I’m not going to go into it too much, because the joy of these movies has been keeping them a secret — is as different from X as Pearl is from X. It’s nothing like Pearl, but it’s a big, like, Oh shit, this is a different thing,” West told the publication. He also said that viewers don’t necessarily need to watch X or Pearl before watching MaXXXine, saying: “There’s a couple of things in MaXXXine that’s like, it might be a little better if you know certain things, but if you didn’t know them, you’d figure it out, or the movie would eventually inform you on it.”

9. Stream

One of the masked killers from Stream
Fuzz on the Lens Productions

From the team that brought you Terrifier 2 comes a new low-budget, ultra-gory, and incredibly interesting horror film called Stream. In the movie, a group of strangers find themselves trapped, surrounded by killers who are armed with a wide arsenal of weapons … all while being watched by a sadistic madman.

Thanks to Terrifier 2‘s commercial success, Stream was able to assemble an all-star cast of horror royalty, including Dee Wallace (Cujo), Tony Todd (Candyman), Danielle Harris (Halloween), and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), among many others. Be prepared for more low-budget antics, lots of gore, and some fantastic performances.

8. Imaginary

The demonic teddy bear in Imaginary

As we’ve seen with the Annabelle movies, everyone loves a demonic toy. In Imaginary, which is releasing in March, the demonic toy is a teddy bear named Chauncey. In just one month, the trailer racked up over 11 million views on YouTube, and a brief teaser also screened during the trailers for Five Night at Freddy’s, which really helped build up hype.

In the film, an “imaginary friend” (who inhabits the teddy bear) starts telling a little girl to do horrific things. Once her mother begins to intervene, the entity grows angry and reveals its true shape. When speaking to Fangoria, director Jeff Wadlow teased a little about what fans can expect, saying: “There is so much more to show … but we’re holding it back, letting you fill in the blanks yourself… because nothing is scarier than your own imagination.”

7. The Crow

a black crow from The Crow
Hassell Free Productions

In The Crow, Eric and his fiancé (Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs) are beaten to death by a gang, but a mysterious crow resurrects Eric so he can enact revenge against his murderers. The 2024 film will be a reimagining of the original 1994 movie where an on-set accident tragically killed the film’s lead, Brandon Lee.

Because of the two massive stars headlining the movie and The Crow‘s lasting legacy as a cult classic, the indie film has started getting quite a bit of buzz — so much so that Lionsgate purchased it for eight figures. On top of calling it an “anti-Marvel” movie, producer Sam Pressman also said that he hopes to build an entire universe around The Crow, telling Deadline, “I think the movie is just going to blow people away. Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series, or a universe, but it’s got this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story.”

6. Return to Silent Hill

A man enters the foggy town of Silent Hill
Hassell Free Productions

It’s been more than a decade since the last Silent Hill film was released — it’s also been over a decade since we had a proper Silent Hill video game –but 2024 seems to be the year that will change all that. On top of the Silent Hill 2 remake expected to release for consoles this year, we’re also getting a new film, Return to Silent Hill.

In the movie, a man receives a letter from a long-lost love, urging him to return to a town called Silent Hill. But as everyone who has played the games knows, once he arrives, he discovers the town has devolved into a hellish nightmare. While both previous Silent Hill films were completely panned by critics, they managed to turn a profit thanks to the game’s dedicated fan base. While the quality of Return to Silent Hill is still unknown, the franchise’s popularity has a lot of people eager to watch it.

5. A Quiet Place: Day One

The poster for A Quiet Place Day One
Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place is getting a standalone prequel in 2024 that will focus on the initial takeover by the sightless aliens and the societal collapse that followed. The plat of the movie, which stars Djimon Hounsou and Lupita Nyong’0, is being kept secret, though it has already received an official premiere date: June 28.

John Krasinski is returning to the project as both a writer and producer, and some rumors say that both he and Emily Blunt make cameo appearances. Krasinski is also in early development for A Quiet Place: Part III, which will continue focusing on the main storyline.

4. Nosferatu

A women sees Nosferatu's shadow
Focus Features

On top of The Crow, Bill Skarsgård will also be starring in 2024’s adaptation of the vampire film Nosferatu. Joining him in the cast are The Idol‘s Lily-Rose Depp, Willem Dafoe, and Nicholas Hoult, among others. Just like the original 1922 film, the remake focuses on the bizarre and haunting infatuation between a vampire and a young person.

The film’s director, Robert Eggers, praised Skarsgård’s performance as the vampire Count Orlok. Much like his take on Pennywise, Eggers says that Skarsgård was completely absorbed by his character on the set of Nosferatu. He told Empire: “I’ll say that Bill has so transformed, I’m fearful that he might not get the credit that he deserves because he’s just … he’s not there.”

3. Terrifier 3

Art the Clown dressed as Santa in Terrifier 3
Bloody Disgusting

Art the Clown has had one hell of a ride at the box office. The character originally starred in a segment in the anthology horror film All Hallows’ Eve in 2013 before getting his own film, Terrifier, in 2016. By that point, Art had become famous among the indie horror crowd, but it wasn’t until the 2022 sequel Terrifier 2 that he would become one of the biggest names in horror.

Terrifier 2 quickly became a cult hit and gained tons of publicity simply by word of mouth. Before long, it was playing in theaters all over the world and receiving rave reviews from critics. Made on a budget of just $250,000, Terrifier 2 ended up grossing over $15 million — which naturally prompted another sequel to get the green light.

In 2024, Art will return, this time terrorizing Christmas. When speaking to Deadline, director Damien Leone also promised the third film will be even bloodier and gorier. “Everything has to be taken to the next level,” he said, “and Part 3 is going to be no different.” Leone also says that, like the first two films, Terrifier 3 will premiere without a rating.

2. The Strangers trilogy

A masked man looks through a window in The Strangers
Fifth Element Productions

In May, the Strangers are back again, this time tormenting a young couple who are forced to spend the night in a secluded cabin after their car breaks down. Titled The Strangers: Chapter 1, some might think this is a prequel, but it’s actually a reimagining of the franchise that will be told in three chapters (creating a Strangers trilogy). It’s also been reported that all three films are going to release in 2024, within just a few months of each other.

Director Renny Harlin told SlashFilm: “When my producer, Courtney Solomon, sent me the script, and I opened it and I realized it was 280 pages long, I was just wondering, What is going on? And I read the whole thing in one sitting and was just blown away by it.”

1. Alien: Romulus

a xenomorph looks at something in Alien
20th Century Productions

On August 16, everyone’s favorite Xenomorph will be heading back to theaters with Alien: Romulus. The plot is being kept tightly under wraps, but star Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla) revealed to Variety that the movie is somewhat of a standalone sequel, and that it takes place between Alien and Aliens. “It’s supposed to slot in between the first movie and the second movie,” she told the publication. “They brought the same team from Aliens, the James Cameron film. The same people who built those xenomorphs actually came on and built ours.”

Can the latest installment become one of the best Alien movies ever? Or will it fall flat like 2017’s Alien: Covenant? An article in The Guardian put it best, saying what many fans have been quietly asking for years: “What do you do when a sci-fi franchise has been poor to average for more than 30 years, yet everyone who has ever seen Ridley Scott’s gloomy, yet exhilarating Alien or its all-American, gonad-swinging sequel, Aliens, is somehow still desperate for more?”

It seems Romulus has answered this question by going back to the basics and placing the new film between the first two (and most successful) films in the franchise. That tactic worked for Saw X, so hopefully a return to form can save the Alien franchise as well. Regardless, fans are extremely excited, easily making it the most anticipated horror movie of 2024 so far.

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