How to Get an APAAR Card, its Benefits, Documents and TOS From the bustling states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, hello, dear readers! We are excited to announce today a significant milestone that builds upon the success of the Aadhar Card: the government’s introduction of the APAAR Card. This creative card functions as a singular student identity document, containing a detailed … Read more

As a laptop reviewer, I can’t wait for new Windows on ARM

[ad_1] Qualcomm When I first heard that Apple was putting ARM into its MacBook lineup, I was more than a little skeptical. There’s no way, I thought, that smartphone chips could compete with Intel CPUs, despite Geekbench scores that argued otherwise. Since then, all my assumptions have been proven wrong. And there’s a reason: ARM … Read more

10 biggest Super Bowl broadcasting mistakes, ranked

[ad_1] Hundreds of millions of people watch the Super Bowl each year, so viewers will notice when there’s a mistake in the broadcast. The pressure is palpable for everyone involved in making this enormous media event run smoothly, but even the Super Bowl doesn’t have a spotless track record. There have been a variety of … Read more

Apple launches a redesigned iCloud app for Windows

[ad_1] Apple has launched a redesigned iCloud app for Windows to offer a better onboarding and content syncing experience for iPhone or iPad users who don’t own a Mac. The new app, available for Windows 10 and 11, has a new setup experience for easier onboarding. It also has a syncing status indicator for different … Read more

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth fails its villains

[ad_1] Sega In the recently released Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio tells a story of rehabilitation and proves that everyone has the chance to be better. No matter your past, there’s the human element of wanting to leave the world a better place than you found it, and that often … Read more

Google Assistant is now powered by Gemini — sort of

[ad_1] Google Assistant as we knew it is on the way out. Well, at least its guts. Late last year, Google added AI capabilities from its chatbot Bard to Google Assistant, allowing the virtual helper to make sense of images and draw on data in emails, documents and more. Now, the company’s giving users the … Read more

Quickbooks Free Trial: Get a Month of Accounting for Free

[ad_1] Of all of the best accounting software suites, QuickBooks arguably stands the tallest. Its long-standing popularity is owed to the fact that QuickBooks is feature-rich, easy to use, and offers a variety of different packages to suit users of all types. If you’re thinking of giving QuickBooks a spin and want to know if … Read more

Sports betting is coming to X with BetMGM partnership

[ad_1] Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, has forged a deal with a sports betting operator, BetMGM, the companies announced on Friday. The deal, which BetMGM describes as a “strategic partnership” with X, will see the operator becoming X’s exclusive Live Odds Sports Betting partner and will introduce access to the betting service on X. Initially, … Read more

Notion acquires privacy-focused productivity platform Skiff

[ad_1] Notion launched its new calendar based on Cron last month, but its productivity suit can soon have more privacy-focused offerings. The company announced today that it has acquired Skiff, a platform that offers end-to-end encrypted file storage, docs, calendar events, and email. Skiff was started in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg. The … Read more

MoD ethical hacking programme expands after initial success

[ad_1] The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed it has expanded an existing defensive security initiative with ethical hacking and penetration testing specialist HackerOne to include some of its key suppliers. The original scope of the MoD’s defensive security programme included a vulnerability disclosure programme (VDP) paying out bug bounties through HackerOne, leveraging the creativity … Read more

Helldivers 2 PC performance: best settings, performance

[ad_1] Helldivers 2 marks the first time PlayStation Studios has launched a game on PC and consoles at the same time, and it’s not off to the best start. Helldivers 2 is very impressive from a visual and performance perspective, but crashing and matchmaking issues are currently souring the experience for some players. I’ve been playing … Read more

HSBC and Google Cloud partner up for climate tech startup growth push

[ad_1] Google is teaming up with HSBC to make it easier for climate tech companies that run their infrastructure on the internet search giant’s cloud platform to access financial support. The partnership will see members of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability (GCR-Sustainability) programme offered access to HSBC’s climate tech-focused finance team, as part of … Read more

What is IFTTT and how can you use it in your smart home?

[ad_1] If you’ve spent any time shopping for smart home gadgets, you’ve probably noticed that many are built with support for Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. These are smart home platforms, and they let you access all your devices through a single app or interface. You’ve probably also noticed support for something known … Read more

Amazon defends facial-recognition tech sale to FBI despite moratorium

[ad_1] Amazon claims the FBI’s use of its Rekognition image and video analysis software does not violate its mortarium on sales of facial-recognition technology to US law enforcement agencies, because it only ever applied to police forces when conducting criminal investigations. Along with Microsoft and IBM, Amazon imposed a one-year moratorium on police use of … Read more

Instagram and Threads will no longer ‘proactively’ recommend political content

[ad_1] Meta doesn’t want its new app Threads to become another Twitter, full of heated political debates and the resulting toxicity that entails. In an announcement today, the company detailed how it will approach the recommendation of political content across both Instagram and its sister app, Threads, a competitor to Elon Musk’s X. In short, … Read more

iOS 17.3.1: What This Update Fixes on Your iPhone

[ad_1] Apple released iOS 17.3.1 on Thursday, about two weeks after the release of iOS 17.3. While the previous update brought new features, like Stolen Device Protection, to your iPhone, iOS 17.3.1 appears to be minor update that just patches a typing bug. To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update, … Read more

How to use Google’s Gemini AI app on your Android phone

[ad_1] Google’s collaboration AI tool, Bard, has changed its name and is now known as Gemini. The tool is also now available as an app on the Google Play Store, meaning it’s easier than ever to chat with Google’s AI assistant on your Android phone. If you’re interested in using Gemini on your Android phone, … Read more

Europe carves out niche in quantum computing

[ad_1] While quantum computers will never be used to perform mundane tasks, such as word processing or accounting, they will be able to solve certain problems that cannot be solved within a reasonable amount of time by conventional machines. A small number of those problems are so important that most countries in the industrial world … Read more

Government reaffirms commitment to hold off on AI laws

[ad_1] The UK government has reaffirmed its commitment to not bring forward legislation to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) until absolutely necessary, as the tech industry welcomed this approach for striking the right balance between safety and innovation. Following the publication of its AI whitepaper in March 2023, the UK government opened a … Read more

Best Mobile VPN of 2024

[ad_1] There are hundreds of VPNs available, and with so many of them offering mobile apps, it can be difficult to choose the right solution for your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Based our extensive research and hands-on testing of VPNs over the years, these are the factors to look out for when choosing … Read more

Here are my favorite Vision Pro apps (so far)

[ad_1] Since Apple launched the Vision Pro last Friday, I’ve been hammering home the importance of immersive content. This isn’t a radical suggestion by any means. At this point we’re all keenly aware that hardware platforms live and die by content offerings. Remember all the way back, for a moment, to the end of 2014. … Read more

U.S. bans robocalls using AI-powered voice-cloning tech

[ad_1] Robocalls made with AI-powered voice-cloning technology have been banned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a bid to reduce fraud and election-related misinformation. The new ruling gives state attorneys general the relevant powers to take action against those behind calls using AI voice-cloning technology. In a release shared on Thursday, the FCC said … Read more

CodeSignal launches a learning platform with an AI-powered guide

[ad_1] Technical assessment company CodeSignal, which counts Index Ventures and Menlo Ventures as backers, is launching a learning platform called CodeSignal Learn. The new platform, aimed at audiences wanting to learn technical subjects, also has an AI-powered bot called Cosmo, which helps users with learning. The company said that there are hundreds of courses available … Read more

Nvidia just fixed a major issue with its GPUs

[ad_1] Jacob Roach / Digital Trends If you’ve been unhappy with the performance of your graphics card lately, you might want to check out Nvidia’s latest beta driver. This is a hotfix driver, which is pretty unusual for Nvidia, but it can be helpful if you’ve been dealing with micro-stuttering, both in games and on … Read more

CIO interview: Sandy Venugopal, SentinelOne

[ad_1] Prior to joining SentinelOne last year, Sandy Venugopal was one of its customers. She was previously CIO at Uber, and before that, was CIO at LinkedIn. Having worked at two companies that are regarded as industry disruptors in the business-to-consumer space, Venugopal is now working at a tech firm that operates in the business-to-business … Read more

How to delete apps on an Apple TV

[ad_1] Apple TV is easily one of the best streaming devices you can get, hands down. It’s a gateway to all your streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, and it can be used for gaming, fitness, music streaming, and other fun and helpful apps. But therein lies the problem — there’s almost too much to … Read more

Microsoft reportedly in discussions with CISPE to remedy ‘unfair’ cloud software licensing practices

[ad_1] Microsoft has reportedly opened discussions with the Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe (CISPE) trade body with a view to resolving concerns about how customers that run the tech giant’s online productivity tools on its competitors’ public clouds are charged. CISPE confirmed the move in a statement that said the two entities have opened … Read more

Why open data is needed in the battle to address homelessness

[ad_1] During February’s State of Open Con 24 London conference, delegates were given a real-world example of the importance of opening up data to tackle the issue of homelessness. The panel discussion, chaired by the Open Data Institute’s (ODI) global head of policy, Resham Kotecha, explored the challenges a London local authority and a charity … Read more

Podcasters can now upload their RSS feed to YouTube

[ad_1] Podcast creators can now submit their RSS feed to YouTube and YouTube Music, the company revealed in a video uploaded to its Creator Insider channel. It was previously announced in August that support was coming for RSS feeds. The functionality was available as an invite-only beta test last year. The move to embrace RSS … Read more

5 movies you should watch on The Criterion Channel in February

[ad_1] The Criterion Collection and Janus Films’ meticulously crafted library of more than 1,500 movies is now available to stream on the Criterion Channel, alongside other handpicked titles from Hollywood and beyond. The independent streaming service is a cinephile’s dream come true, featuring a fantastic mix of beloved classics, underrated indie flicks, and must-see contemporary … Read more

Swedish CIO contributes best practices for ethical use of artificial intelligence

[ad_1] OpenAI writes on its website: “The amount of compute used in the largest AI [artificial intelligence] training runs has been increasing exponentially with a 3.4-month doubling time (by comparison, Moore’s Law had a two-year doubling period).” According to OpenAI, this growth amounts to 300,000-times more computing power required today as opposed to 2012, … Read more

BCS report shows lack of improvement in tech diversity

[ad_1] In 2020, BCS reported that women accounted for 17% of IT specialists in the UK, a figure that had only grown by 1% in the five years prior to the report’s release. While it is human nature to remain hopeful that things will improve, this year’s Diversity Report from BCS, The Chartered Institute … Read more

Microsoft brings new design-focused features to Copilot

[ad_1] Copilot, Microsoft’s family of AI-powered chatbots and assistants, is getting a few new upgrades timed with a flashy Super Bowl LVIII ad campaign. In a post on the official Microsoft blog, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, outlined what users can expect. “Today marks exactly one year since our entry into AI-powered experiences for … Read more

Security Think Tank: The phishing forecast for 2024

[ad_1] 2023 was a ground-breaking year for cyber security advancements and attacks, with new developments making headlines globally. In 2024, we can expect to see increasingly advanced phishing campaigns leveraging the capabilities of AI, and more sophisticated and frequent attacks as a result. Already in 2024, we have seen a number of breaches and … Read more

Essential Components And Tips For Success

[ad_1] Have you ever felt like you’re just whispering into a vast, empty space when trying to show off your skills on the web? Totally understand that sense of frustration. After sinking hours into research and fine-tuning my approach, I’ve managed to crack the code for crafting a personal website that truly stands out. Think of this … Read more

Dozens of surveillance companies are supplying spyware to governments says Google

[ad_1] Dozens of surveillance companies are providing  spyware technology used by governments around the world to spy on the mobile phones of journalists, human rights defenders, dissidents and political opponents. Google’s Threat Analysis Group has identified and is actively tracking up to 40 companies involved in selling security exploits and surveillance capabilities to  governments … Read more

Best Apple AirTag Accessories – CNET

[ad_1] Updated Oct. 20, 2023 7:45 a.m. PT Written by  David Carnoy Our expert, award-winning staff selects the products we cover and rigorously researches and tests our top picks. If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews Executive Editor David Carnoy has been … Read more

Advanced Techniques For Precision Finds

[ad_1] Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of links, hunting for that one simple PDF? I bet you have, and it can feel like looking for a needle in an entirely too literal haystack. (And not the cute, quirky kind at your local fall festival.) But guess what? Google’s got some nifty tricks tucked … Read more

How Twitter’s descent into chaos is paving the way for a new web

[ad_1] The post-Twitter era has spurred the development and further growth of numerous social networks that prioritize brief posts, from open source standbys like Mastodon to new decentralized concepts like Bluesky, and those from smaller startups like Post, Spill, and Spoutible, to those from tech giants like Meta, which launched the Twitter-like Threads. While this … Read more

NCSC warns CNI operators over ‘living-off-the-land’ attacks

[ad_1] The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), together with its Five Eyes allies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, have issued an urgent warning to operators of critical national infrastructure (CNI), sharing new details of how state-backed threat actors are using living-off-the-land techniques to persist on their networks. Living-off-the-land refers … Read more

Threads tests the ability to save posts as it continues to compete with X

[ad_1] Instagram Threads is getting a highly requested feature that puts it in closer competition with X/Twitter. The text-based social networking app is experimenting with the ability to save posts, allowing users to bookmark favorite posts to revisit them later. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the feature in a Threads post on Wednesday, noting that … Read more

AMD’s new CPU slammed as anti-consumer at best

[ad_1] Hardware Unboxed AMD makes some of the best processors, but this one is most likely not one of them. According to a video review of the recently released Ryzen 7 5700, the CPU is not only a letdown — it’s downright misleading. Compared to previous non-X Ryzen processors, the 5700 appears to be significantly … Read more

The challenges of open source in government

[ad_1] OpenUK’s State of Open Con 24 London conference has highlighted the challenges governments face when procuring software to support policymaking. Whether it’s central or local government, public sector bodies have tended to be cautious when procuring technology platforms that need to be built to support their strategy. However, delegates attending the government stream … Read more