How to Get an APAAR Card, its Benefits, Documents and TOS From the bustling states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, hello, dear readers! We are excited to announce today a significant milestone that builds upon the success of the Aadhar Card: the government’s introduction of the APAAR Card. This creative card functions as a singular student identity document, containing a detailed … Read more

Elites ‘will have an advantage’ with Neuralink AI brain chips as expert warns of ‘society technology gap’

[ad_1] BRAIN chips may just be the technology future and Elon Musk’s Neuralink recently inserted one in a human. Some experts believe the gadgets will become popular accessories but, like with all new tech, this could create a divide. 1 Elon Musk’s Neuralink recently inserted a brain chip in a humanCredit: Neuralink Erich Kron a … Read more

‘Reset back to factory and start over’ warns Amazon Fire TV Stick user giving advice on ‘critical low storage error’

[ad_1] AN Amazon Fire TV Stick user has revealed some factory reset advice. The tip was given on a popular Reddit forum called r/fireTV. 1 Amazon Fire TV Stick users can factory reset back to the device’s original settings if they’re exhausted all other optionsCredit: Getty It was posted in response to a frustrated user … Read more

Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen talks on vehicle emission standards at Electrify Everything Australia

[ad_1] Today is the second day of the Electrify Everything Show 2024, held at the Sydney Showgrounds. This morning Minister for Climate Change and Energy of Australia, Chris Bowen attended the event and took to the stage to deliver an uplifting speech to the audience of the main stage. During the speech, Bowen commented on … Read more

Ancient wooden tablet with ‘undecipherable message’ in unknown language found on remote Easter Island

[ad_1] AN undecipherable ancient tablet discovered on Easter Island has been dated to the 15th century. This date suggests it existed before Europeans arrived and that’s led to new questions about the language it’s inscribed with. 1 No one knows what the rare tablet says but the language has been called RongorongoCredit: Getty The wooden … Read more

Google Joins Effort to Help Spot Content Made With A.I.

[ad_1] Google, whose work in artificial intelligence helped make A.I.-generated content far easier to create and spread, now wants to ensure that such content is traceable as well. The tech giant said on Thursday that it was joining an effort to develop credentials for digital content, a sort of “nutrition label” that identifies when and … Read more

‘I should have listened’ say iPhone owners warning to never ignore pop-up that means you’re in physical danger

[ad_1] THERE’S an iPhone pop-up alert that you should never turn off – and certainly don’t ignore. In fact it’s so important for your health that some users are physically unable to turn it off. 2 Watch out for these notifications – they’re extremely importantCredit: Support.Apple Your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch all have a … Read more

Google’s new Gemini AI app is rolling out to millions of phones – check your model for free upgrade

[ad_1] GOOGLE’S new Gemini app has now popped up on the Google Play store. Gemini is Google’s latest artificial intelligence chatbot, effectively replacing its Bard chatbot. 1 Google’s Gemini app is now available for millions of Android devicesCredit: Rex The tech giant describes the AI software as its “largest and most capable AI model” yet. … Read more

Infoblox says IT Pros Are Missing This Mega-Threat From Organised Global Cyber Criminals

[ad_1] High volumes of malware and other malicious content are being delivered to networks in APAC, Australia, New Zealand and across the globe as a result of a set of large-scale malicious cybercriminal partnerships led by the largely secret yet insidious threat actor, VexTrio. Renée Burton, head of threat intelligence at Infoblox and a former … Read more

The Friar Who Became the Vatican’s Go-To Guy on A.I.

[ad_1] Before dawn, Paolo Benanti climbed to the bell tower of his 16th-century monastery, admired the sunrise over the ruins of the Roman forum and reflected on a world in flux. “It was a wonderful meditation on what is going on inside,” he said, stepping onto the street in his friar robe. “And outside too.” … Read more

Does Technology Rule Our Sex and Dating Lives?

[ad_1] While the pitch for products like Lovense and WeVibe, another popular brand of remote controlled vibrators and stimulation rings, might seem self-evident — to create pleasure — much of the latest sex tech often has a loftier goal in mind. Make Love Not Porn, a user-generated social sex platform, aims to eradicate the unrealistic … Read more

Diebold Nixdorf Wins Global Banking & Finance Awards® Best Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2024 and Excellence in Innovation Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2024  

[ad_1] LONDON, UK and HUDSON, Ohio — Diebold Nixdorf, a world leader in automating, digitizing and transforming the way people bank and shop, recently was named Best Banking Technology Solutions Provider Europe 2024 by Global Banking & Finance Review®. Recognizing the company’s leadership and significant contributions to the evolving technology sector, this marks the fourth … Read more

Saturn’s moon that ‘looks like Death Star’ has underground ocean that may hide alien life, scientists suggest

[ad_1] ASTRONOMERS have uncovered that one of Saturn’s smallest moons may harbor a liquid ocean. Dubbed Mimas, the Saturnian moon features a heavily cratered surface resembling Star Wars’s Death Star. 1 The presence of liquid water could make Mimas potentially habitableCredit: PA More notable than its look, however, is that it might possess an ocean … Read more

Pioneering Patient Care with Smart Technology at Medicana Health Group

[ad_1] In the heart of Türkiye, Medicana Health Group stands out as a pioneer in patient care, anchored in a profound commitment to understand and fulfill patient needs through the integration of smart technologies. This strategic approach ensures that every patient receives a personalised and well-coordinated care experience. In a world where technological innovation and … Read more

PlayStation players can’t believe shocking price on console’s best exclusive with a 92 rating

[ad_1] PLAYSTATION is currently holding its Critics’ Choice Sale, with huge discounts on a number of highly-rated games. Most of the games in the sale are selling well below their usual price, and have excellent critics and player ratings. 1 Bloodborne is one of PlayStation’s most popular gamesCredit: FromSoftware Bloodborne is considered one of the … Read more

‘Without it you’re stuck’ warns Amazon Fire TV Stick owner praised for flagging trick to stop ‘annoying sleep mode’

[ad_1] AMAZON Fire TV Stick users have expressed frustration over a screensaver feature that affects everyone. The problem was shared on a popular Reddit forum called r/fireTV. 1 Amazon Fire TV Stick users have revealed frustration over a screensaver featureCredit: Getty It was revealed after one frustrated user started a Reddit thread complaining that they’re … Read more

Covered California extended deadline is Friday at midnight

[ad_1] The window to sign up for health insurance through California’s state marketplace, Covered California, ends Friday at midnight. The window for new customers was originally slated to close on Jan. 31, but the state exchange said that it decided to extend the deadline to Feb. 9 given the large volume of demand and a … Read more

Drive Impressions of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

[ad_1] One of the great opportunities at this weekend’s Electrify Everything Show in Sydney is the ability to get behind the wheel of EVs, including some that are not yet on the road. Hyundai have a big presence at the show, including as many as 20 drivable EVs. This morning I jumped at the opportunity … Read more

‘It’s a family’s dream’ gamers say as makers of Fortnite launch huge £1.2billion collab with iconic film & TV universe

[ad_1] FORTNITE is set to launch an epic £1.2billion collaboration with an iconic film and TV universe – and gamers are hailing it “a family’s dream”. Fans were in awe following the announcement and dubbed the creative partnership with Disney “huge”, “wild” and “impressive” as it offers the possibilities of an entire new gaming world. … Read more

Ancient ‘shark graveyard’ found inside Mammoth Cave with teeth from 12ft beasts that look like ‘they came out yesterday’

[ad_1] AN ANCIENT “shark graveyard” has been found inside a cave system in the United States. The sharks would’ve lived around 325 million years ago in an “ancient seaway” that has been lost to time. 2 The sharks roamed a lost seaway hundreds of millions of years agoCredit: NPS / Benji Paynose Two shark fossils … Read more

‘Your car drives itself into a ditch’ cyber-expert warns about ‘hallucinations’ created by hijackers while on road

[ad_1] MALICIOUS tech has been uncovered by researchers and it could sent self-driving cars veering off course. It’s called the MadRadar hack and it can bypass self-driving car cybersecurity software and leave the vehicle hallucinating. 1 Modern car with the future technology of self-driving and safety technology.Credit: Getty This is particularly dangerous because a self-driving … Read more

F.C.C. Bans A.I.-Generated Robocalls – The New York Times

[ad_1] The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday outlawed unwanted robocalls generated by artificial intelligence, amid growing concerns over election disinformation and consumer fraud facilitated by the technology. The unanimous decision by the F.C.C. cited a three-decade-old law aimed at curbing junk phone calls, clarifying that A.I.-generated spam calls are also illegal. By doing so, the … Read more

Federated Data Lakes Could Make Sense of Enterprise Data ‘Mess’ to Power AI

[ad_1] Image: Zetaris Australian organisations have tried hard to bring data together in recent decades. They have moved from data marts, which contained information specific to business units, to data warehouses, data lakes and now lakehouses, which contain structured and unstructured data. However, the concept of the federated lakehouse could now be winning the day. … Read more

‘It’s time to cancel’ Disney+ viewers say as streaming giant announces major change coming in months with an extra FEE

[ad_1] DISNEY+ has announced its password sharing crackdown will hit years this summer. The House of Mouse is following in the footsteps of Netflix who managed to turnaround their fortunes with a similar tactic last year. 1 Disney will charge a fee for any extra usersCredit: Getty Bosses have revealed that users “suspected of improper … Read more

Samsung owners warned to check Android phones now as four gadgets will no longer receive important free upgrades

[ad_1] SAMSUNG has axed support for four of its devices, which means they will stop receiving important software and security updates. Customers have been urged to check their Samsung phones and tablets to see whether their model will no longer receive updates. 1 If you are eligible for the next update, make sure you install … Read more

‘Good tip’ Amazon Fire Stick owners cry as users reveal money saving trick to avoid remote batteries draining too fast

[ad_1] IF your Fire Stick remote keeps dying, you don’t need to continue splashing out on new batteries. Fellow Amazon Fire Stick owners have revealed a home remedy that can save your remote from a whirlwind battery drain. 1 If you’re experiencing a fast-draining with your newly purchased Fire Stick, you may also be eligible … Read more

Iceland volcano erupts north of a nearby settlement

[ad_1] LONDON (AP) — Iceland’s Meteorological Office says a volcano is erupting in the southwestern part of the country, spewing lava from a three kilometer (1.5 mile) fissure north of the town of Grindavik. The eruption of the Sylingarfell volcano began at 6 a.m. local time Thursday, soon after an intense burst of seismic activity. … Read more

‘Hold the home key for three seconds’ advises Amazon Fire TV Stick user with trick that unlocks new way to watch content

[ad_1] A COMMON Amazon Fire TV Stick issue has been discussed in a popular Reddit Forum. It regards screen mirroring content from another device onto your Fire TV Stick device of Fire TV but there are several catches. 1 Amazon Fire TV Stick users can screencast content from other devicesCredit: Alamy The trick was posted about in … Read more

Dutch man recognised as ‘world’s longest-surviving heart transplant patient’ after London operation in 1984 | World News

[ad_1] A 57-year-old Dutch man has broken the world record for the longest-surviving heart transplant patient. Bert Janssen has lived for 39 years with the donor heart, which he received at Harefield Hospital in northwest London in 1984. The achievement has now been recognised by Guinness World Records. Mr Janssen developed flu-like symptoms and was … Read more

Ring reveals brand new video doorbell with ‘advanced’ upgrade to catch anyone outside better than before

[ad_1] RING has unveiled a brand new video doorbell that’s even better at detecting intruders. The firms latest device, the all-new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, sends motion alerts that are “more accurate” than previous models. 2 Colour images are picked up even if there’s not much light around 2 Greater detection tech should help keep … Read more

Terrifying ancient ‘predator fish’ with lethal fangs could ‘breathe outside of water’ – and had four unusual ‘limbs’

[ad_1] A KILLER fish that lived hundreds of millions of years ago was capable of breathing air. Fossils belonging to the ancient fanged sea-beast were found in Australia – in one of the oldest rivers in the world. 4 This ancient predator used large fangs to devour its prey – and adapted to survive a … Read more

Viagra and erectile dysfunction drugs could cut Alzheimer’s risk in men, study suggests | Science & Tech News

[ad_1] Erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra could be inadvertently cutting the chances of men developing Alzheimer’s disease, research suggests. Alzheimer’s Research UK called the findings “encouraging,” saying the chance of repurposing drugs to tackle the condition could help “accelerate progress and open up new avenues to prevent or treat dementia-causing diseases”. However the charity … Read more

Revolutionizing Data Analysis And Encryption, According To Investor Daniel Calugar

[ad_1] Currently, all at once, myriad emerging technologies are bringing about major changes in the world of finance. But, the one that has the most transformative potential, according to experienced investor Daniel Calugar, is quantum computing. For years now, computers have been revolutionizing how we process information, making the entire process simpler, easier and quicker. … Read more

‘No way to tell what’s real or fake’ as Neuralink-style brain chips could plant deepfakes in your mind, expert warns

[ad_1] AI brain chips could leave users trapped in a fake reality, a security expert has warned. Erich Kron a security awareness advocate at KnowBe4 told The U.S. Sun that, in a worst-case scenario, AI brain chips could leave us questioning reality. 3 Neuralink has started human trials for its AI brain chipCredit: Neuralink 3 … Read more

IBM’s Matthew Candy Sees Evidence of Innovation in Australia’s 2024 Pursuit of Generative AI Scale

[ad_1] Australian organisations are keeping pace with global innovation in generative AI, according to IBM Consulting Global Head of Generative AI Matthew Candy. A local legislative focus on regulating high-risk use cases could also foster AI’s potential in the local market, he said. Candy recently visited Australia and the broader APAC region to meet some … Read more

Meteor fragments found on ocean floor may be ‘artificially made by another civilization,’ Harvard professor claims

[ad_1] A HARVARD scientist claims that meteor fragments found on the ocean floor could be from an alien civilization. In 2014, researchers uncovered fragments of a meteor off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. 1 A scientist claims that meteor fragments found on the ocean floor could be from an alien … Read more

Scam Lyca Mobile site appearing as ‘verified advertiser’ on Google, Which? warns | Science & Tech News

[ad_1] A scam website impersonating legitimate phone network Lyca Mobile has found a way to reach the top of Google searches, Which? has warned. Google allows companies to pay for verified adverts, meaning their sites can feature at the top of relevant searches, but they need to pass an advertiser identity verification process beforehand, which … Read more