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An artillery strike on a civilian population center in the Russian-occupied portion of Ukraine killed 25 civilians on Sunday—rare casualties in a war that’s seen a staggering 78% of all civilian deaths have occurred on the Ukrainian side—but Ukraine has not yet confirmed they were behind the strike on their own former territory.

Key Facts

At least 25 people were killed and another 20 injured when an artillery strike hit a crowded market district in Donetsk, a key city in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Donbas region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian government, who annexed the city in 2022 in a move not recognized by most of the world, called the strikes a “barbaric act of terrorism” and blamed them on the Ukrainian military and the United States, who they say supplied the artillery weapons.

The Ukrainian military has not yet commented on the incident.

Meanwhile, a report from the UN Human Rights High Commissioner detailed a significant increase in civilian casualties in December, with casualties rising by 26.5% just over the course of a month.

A total of 90 civilians were killed in Ukrainian-controlled territory in the December attacks, while 11 were killed in Russian-controlled territory.

Far fewer Russian civilians have died since the war began in 2022, but at least 20 people were killed and over 100 injured after the Ukrainian military shelled the Russian border city of Belgorod in December, Reuters reported.

Big Number

10,191. That’s the total number of civilians killed in Ukraine, confirmed by the U.N. monitor, since the war broke out in 2022. About 78% of those deaths occurred in Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Key Background

Sunday’s attack in Donetsk comes after an ongoing campaign of Russian missile strikes has killed civilians and damaged buildings and infrastructure across Ukraine. The largest strikes occurred on December 29 and 30, when missiles hit targets in major cities including Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and the nation’s capital of Kyiv. Over the course of two days, more than 150 missiles and drones struck targets in the cities. A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force told the New York Times December’s assault was the “biggest attack” since the military began tracking Russia’s aerial bombardments. The U.N. has so far confirmed a total of 21 people died in the attacks, while another 111 were injured. The High Commissioner’s Office noted that the death toll from these attacks may rise as more casualty reports are verified. The bombing campaign has continued into January, the Ukrainian military told Reuters last week. The country’s air force tracked 37 drones and missiles, noting that they were able to shoot down only 8 of them.

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