AI experts predict ‘a million-death incident’ due to ‘irresponsible bots’ by 2040 and say ‘truth and fiction’ will blur


AI experts have released a damning study about the potential future of artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity.

The 12 experts were interviewed by a team of cybersecurity researchers led by academics from Lancaster University.


Experts have forecasted what AI could do to the world by 2040Credit: Getty

They were asked how the technology could change the world by 2040.

One concerning part of the study revealed several experts were concerned about AI causing multiple deaths.

The study states: “The possible scale of the problems anticipated by our interviewees is eye-watering.

“Most of the experts predicted exponential growth in AI over the next 15 years, leading to a large possibility of systemic problems.

“Two experts (P4 and P10) considered a million-death incident attributable to the irresponsible deployment of AI systems reasonable in the 2040 time frame.

“Others disagreed, although several suggested many smaller, perhaps ten-thousand-death, incidents.”

The experts didn’t explain in detail how AI could cause all these deaths but discussed the negative impact it could have on democracy.

They revealed concerns about AI making truth indistinguishable from fiction.

The study participants suspect AI will lead to a greater spread of misinformation and that could have ramifications for democratic societies.

Dr Charles Weir, the lead author of the study, said: “We are already seeing misinformation on social media networks, and used by some nation states.

“The experts are forecasting that advances in technologies will make it much easier for people and bad actors to continue spreading misleading material by 2040.”

It’s hoped that forecasting worst-case scenarios could help us protect the world from them.

Weir said: “Technology advances have brought, and will continue to bring, great benefits.

“We also know there are risks around some of these technologies, including AI, and where their development may go—everyone’s been discussing them—but the possible magnitude of some of the risks forecast by some of the experts was staggering.

“But by forecasting what potential risks lie just beyond the horizon we can take steps to avoid major problems.”