All Google Maps users must make important change now to protect their homes, security expert warns


A SECURITY expert has warned people to remove their homes from Google Maps.

Thieves could use the Street View option to plan potential break-ins, according to alarm maker ADT.


Security firm says crooks could use Street View to plan robberiesCredit: Google

Google Maps Street View automatically blurs faces and number plates.

But houses are not.

Some users don’t realise you can ask Google to blur out your home from view.

ADT says crooks can use social media to work out when you’re not in.

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But Street View could also be a tool for them to figure out the layout of your property – and where best to break in.

It could highlight any valuables on show too.

Michele Bennett, General Manager at ADT UK&I Subscriber, said: “Depending on the photo used in Google Street View, having an unblurred house can also alert thieves of the contents of your home and garden.

“If expensive items are visible in your house, you are more likely to become a victim of a robbery.

“It is highly recommended that you contact Google and request that your house is blurred to protect the privacy of you and your family.”

How to blur my house on Google Maps Street View

You can only request that your house is blurred on Google Maps Street View from a desktop computer.

Go to and find your house on Street View.

In the bottom right look for Report a problem in tiny text.

Ensure the red box that appears so covers the area you want to blur.

Use + and – to zoom in and out as necessary.

Select My home from the options listed below.

Google will ask you to provide any additional information to help them properly blur the right thing, so give any details as necessary.

Be sure you’re blurring the right thing – and that you’re certain.

Google will warn you that there’s no going back once the request is sent, so be sure you wish to proceed as the blurring effect is permanent.

Type in your email address and confirm you’re not a robot.

Then hit the Submit button.

You should then receive a confirmation email from Google.

They may follow up asking for more information.