All parents buying PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo for Christmas warned to follow four ‘rules’ – or risk ruining the whole day


PARENTS have been urged to set up gaming consoles before gifting them to their kids on Christmas morning.

Nothing ruins the high of getting a new gaming console like having to wait hours to update it.


Parents have been urged to set up gaming consoles before gifting themCredit: Alamy

Back in the day, gaming consoles were ready to go out of the box, but today many of them require an extensive setup process.

This is due to their advanced technology and online gameplay capabilities.

Now, experts are recommending that parents take consoles out of the box and set them up before gifting them to their children to save time.

Below we have shared a list of steps you will want to take before giving your kid their brand new PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo.


It can be super annoying for your child to connect their brand-new console to Wi-Fi.

This is especially the case if you have an ultra-long Wi-Fi password, like most of us should.

However, it’s a necessary step to update the console and for online play with friends.

As such, you can make their gameplay a lot easier by connecting to Wi-Fi for them.


One of the most time-consuming processes of getting a new console today is updating the software.

That’s because most gaming console software or firmware takes hours to complete.

This process will vary depending on the console you buy, but typically, you can just head into Settings.

From there, there should be some sort of System Software option that will allow you to update.


Another step you will want to take is setting up the accounts for the console.

This is an important step if you’re the kind of parent who likes to monitor the amount of time your child spends gaming.

By creating child accounts for your kids and a parent account for yourself, you can impose age and time limits and utilize other parent-friendly settings.

You can also set up a guest account for friends or family when they come over.

This prevents others from accessing your personalized settings or payment methods.


To make Christmas even sweeter, you can also purchase and download your kids’ favorite games onto the console ahead of time.

This allows them to jump right into gameplay after opening their gifts.

It also lets you download some family-friendly games for everyone to enjoy together.