Amazon Fire Tablet owners must change seven little-known settings now to instantly make their battery last longer


AMAZON has suggested seven tips to preserve power in your Fire Tablet.

If you find yourself constantly having to recharge your Fire Tablet, Amazon may have some hidden tips that can make the battery life last longer.


Amazon’s Fire Tablet is said to have a 13-hour battery lifeCredit: Getty

By following these seven steps users can see their battery life improve significantly.

Amazon’s help and customer service page first recommends that users force close apps that are running in the background.

When you go from one app to another on your Fire Tablet the previous app that you were using does not automatically close and will use up battery life even though you are no longer using it.

By force closing it, you will stop it from using up your battery life.

Secondly, they suggest that dimming your screen will also help reduce battery consumption as less power is needed to run the tablet.

Using the latest software version of your Fire Tablet will improve overall performance resulting in better battery use.

According to Amazon lowering the volume or using headphones is another way to extend your battery life for your tablet.

Users should also reduce the amount of time their screen is on for when they aren’t using it, this can be done by selecting Display or Display & Sounds in the Settings menu.

Another way to preserve battery life according to Amazon is to use the Smart Suspend feature.

This feature learns when you use your device and depending on the expected usage – automatically switches your internet connection on and off accordingly.

This can be managed from your settings and is a battery-saving mode feature.

Lastly, by enabling Battery Saver or Low Power Mode users will see a significant improvement in their Fire Tablets battery use according to Amazon.

This feature is only available on the 8th Generation and newer Fire Tablets.

Amazon’s tips to conserving power in your Fire Tablet

Seven ways to make the battery in your Fire Tablet last longer

  • Force close apps running in the background.
  • Reduce your screen timeout.
  • Confirm that your device is using the latest software version.
  • Use Smart Suspend to disconnect from your network when it’s not in use.
  • Lower the volume or use headphones.
  • Enable Battery Saver or Low Power Mode (available on 8th Generation and newer Fire tablets).