Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing ‘remote command trick’ removes annoying ‘timestamp issues’


HAVING to rewind during a good movie or TV show can be annoying at the best of times, especially when you can’t reach the right time stamp.

Amazon Fire TV Stick remotes can help you do this perfectly.


Amazon Fire TV Stick users can benefit from a voice command remote trickCredit: Getty

The trick requires making the most of an Amazon Alexa Voice Remote.

Older Fire TV Stick devices didn’t come with a remote that you could talk into.

If you don’t have one, you can buy one online as long as you check it’s compatible with your current device.

Using a voice remote to talk to Alexa is easy.

Just hold down the Alexa button, which is the blue button with a white circular symbol.

Alternatively, you may need to hold down a black button with a microphone symbol.

While holding it, you can say useful commands that help you rewind.

Try saying “Jump back one minute” or “rewind 10 seconds.”

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You can also pause, play, resume, stop, and fast forward using voice commands.

Make sure you release the button once you’ve finished your command.

Late last year, Amazon revealed an update for this voice command feature.

Amazon wrote in a press release: “The upgraded Fire TV experience materially enhances search, browse, and recommendations by combining generative AI with Fire TV’s extensive entertainment content and app library—enabling customers to find and discover content in a natural, contextual, and conversational way.

“Customers will be able to ask Alexa nuanced or open-ended questions about TV shows and movies, helping them find what they’re looking for using natural and conversational language.”