Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing they’re making ‘app crash’ mistake that leaves missing out on top content


AMAZON Fire TV Stick users struggling with crashing apps could be using the wrong method to fix them.

This is annoying for multiple reasons and can leave you missing out on watching top content if one of your streaming apps won’t load.


Clearing caches is easy and can save you from slow or crashing appsCredit: Getty

The best way to fix a crashing app on your Fire Stick is to try clearing the cache.

A cache stores data and can be useful as it helps an app remember your needs and preferred content.

The bad side is not clearing your cache regularly can take up storage on your device.

Amazon recommends clearing an app’s cache if you’re having problems with it.

The tech giant says: “To resolve intermittent app issues, clear the app data and cache.”

All you need to do is take your Fire TV Stick remote and click on the Settings app on your TV.

You then need to find Applications and click on Manage Installed Applications.

Once you’ve done this, click on the app you’re struggling with.

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Next, select Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

Now you can go back and check if the app has stopped crashing.

Sometimes an app’s cache will automatically be cleared.

This happens for apps that you don’t use very often.

Amazon explains: “If an app is unused for more than 30 days and the device is running low on storage, the storage optimizing feature will automatically clear the app cache.

“This feature runs in the background and can’t be deactivated.”