Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing they’re making ‘black screen’ mistake that ruins movie-watching


IF you’re seeing a black screen when trying to use your Amazon Fire TV Stick you could be making a common mistake.

It involves selecting the wrong setup options on your TV and has an easy fix.


Amazon Fire TV Stick users will face a black screen error if they use the wrong HDMI inputCredit: Alamy

Often when you see a black screen during your Amazon Fire TV Stick use, you’re using the wrong HDMI input channel.

This is something you need to change on your TV and not the Fire Stick.

Generally, you need to use the Input and Source buttons on your television’s original remote.

You can scroll through the HDMI input options until the Amazon Fire Stick homepage pops up.

If you’ve selected the right HMDI input and you’re still seeing a black screen, you could be dealing with a power or Wi-Fi issue.

Check your TV is plugged into its power socket correctly.

Make sure your Fire Stick is inserted all the way in.

Internet connectivity issues can sometimes be solved by moving your Wi-Fi router closer to your TV.

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You need to make sure that your home internet can support your Fire Stick as well as all your devices.

Streaming on your TV can slow down your broadband so it’s worth investing in the right Wi-Fi deal to suit your home needs.

If you’re still having issues with your Fire TV Stick, you can always restart it.

Often this gives the device the boost it needs to fix any glitches.

To restart, hold down Select and Play on your Fire Stick remote.

According to Lifewire, this move can fix a black screen bug.