Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing they’re making storage mistake that leaves them missing out on more movies


AMAZON Fire TV Stick users are realizing they can add more storage space to their devices.

All you need to do is connect a USB drive and you can stop receiving that annoying storage full error message.


Fire TV Stick users can get more storage with a USB drive purchaseCredit: Alamy


According to Make Use Of, you’ll need a On The Go (OTG) cable 2-pack.

These can be purchased on Amazon for a few dollars.

An OTG cable is a small wire with three sections.

You can attach your Fire Stick and turn it into a device with more storage space.

You’ll also need a USB drive that has 128GB of storage space or less.

To start, unplug your Fire TV Stick from the power outlet if it’s currently inserted.

Now you can plug the OTG cable into the Fire TV Stick.

Attach the Fire TV power cable to the OTG cable via the micro USB port.

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Now, you can plug the USB drive into the OTG cable.

This needs to be inserted into the standard side USB port.

Plug the Fire Stick back into your TV with this new contraption attached.

You should now see a message popup onscreen.

It will inform you about the new storage optimization.

If it doesn’t show up right away don’t panic as this can take several minutes to appear.