Amazon Fire TV Stick users are just realizing they’ve made ‘hidden app’ mistake that wastes valuable streaming time


IF you’ve ever mysteriously lost an app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may have made a common mistake.

Hiding apps is a useful feature on your TV for a number of reasons.


Amazon Fire TV Stick users can hide and unhide apps as they pleaseCredit: Alamy

It’s also frustrating when you’ve turned the feature on by accident.

One frustrated Fire TV Stick user wrote about the issue on an Amazon help forum.

“Peacock is listed as a source when I sync sources, yet it is not listed when I click on Manage Channels,” the user wrote.

“I believe I hid it as a source ages ago. How do I unhide it so I can view its live channels via the Live TV tab on my 1st gen 4K Max FireStick?

“I manage to unhide it on my other two 1st gen 4K Sticks, but only via factory reset.”

The user noted that having to do a factory reset just to get an app back was a bit too excessive for their liking.

There are several methods that will restore the app to your home screen.

One way to unhide an app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is to head to the Amazon app store from which you downloaded it.

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Click on the Installed on this TV option and you should see all the apps that have been downloaded.

This should include all apps, even the hidden ones unless you’ve removed them permanently.

Select the hidden app in question and click Show on Your Apps.

If you use an app a lot and want it to be the first you see on your screen, try changing the order of your apps.

First, you need to bring up your full list of apps.

Then, find the app you want to move and click the Menu button on your Fire Stick remote.

Next, click Move and then Move to front.

You can do this for up to six apps and they’ll appear first on your homepage.