Amazon’s AirPods Pro deal cuts their price to $189


Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Not into the over-the-ear headphones trend that is going on right now? Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice your in-ear headphones anytime soon with this AirPods deal we just found. Right now on Amazon, you can save 24% on the Apple AirPods Pro by paying only $189 for these popular headphones. With an original price of $250, this is a deal you can’t miss out on.

Why you should buy the Apple AirPods Pro

If noise-cancelling and deep immersive sound are two must-have features when it comes to purchasing your new headphones, then you don’t need to look any further than the Apple AirPods Pro. These wireless headphones offer two different modes to give you an easy listening experience. Transparency mode allows you to hear the world around you and Adaptive Audio blends together active noise cancellation and Transparency Mode to give you the best listening experience no matter where you are.

The Apple AirPods Pro have been compared to other brands such as Samsung and Google, but always seem to come out on top in terms of comfort, quality and sound. They are sweat, water and dust resistant, so you can use them in just about any scenario. These are great for taking phone calls (even in windy and loud conditions) and listening to anything from music, podcasts, audiobooks, television shows or movies. They offer a compact and comfortable look and feel that will change the way you listen. Our editor suggests buying these headphones for a true noise-cancelling and wireless experience. The Apple AirPods Pro “adopt an in-ear design which has them seal up the entrance to the ear canal and broadcast sound straight down the hallway to your eardrum. This seal is essential for blocking out noise and, as a bonus, delivers better bass response.”

For those looking for all-around reliable and true noise-cancelling headphones, the Apple Airpods Pro are a must. This product includes four pairs of silicone tips in four different sizes, that will fit a wide range of ears so you will never have to worry about comfort. Grab these wireless headphones for $189 before time runs out. That’s 24% off their normal price of $250!

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