Apple Arcade: Every New Title Arriving in November


Apple Arcade, a CNET Editors’ Choice award pick, offers hundreds of games you can play for $7 a month (£7, AU$10). The service has familiar and classic games, as well as exclusive titles. You can find many of these games in the App Store, but there they have paywalls and ads that might hinder your gaming experience. With an Apple Arcade subscription, you can play each game without paywalls and ads.

Here are the games Apple Arcade is adding in November.

Football Manager 2024 Touch

Developer: SEGA and Sports Interactive
Release date: Nov. 6

The title card of Football Manager 2024 Touch showing two players hugging in the middle of a soccer pitch


The soccer management simulator is back on Apple Arcade for another season. But this installment of the sports game franchise has a few new tricks up its sleeve, like enhanced training for your players and Manager Principles, which defines the type of manager you want to be. And if you’ve played Football Manager 2023 Touch, you can continue your players’ careers in the latest title, thanks to the new Save Game Compatibility feature.

Downwell Plus

Developer: Devolver Digital
Release date: Nov. 17

The title card for Downwell Plus showing a character falling down a well


In this title, you control a young boy as he explores wells in search of treasure. And though there are monsters lurking below, your character protects himself with his handy gunboots. You read that right: gunboots! Each level is procedurally generated, which means that no two trips down the well are the same.

Delicious – Miracle of Life Plus

Developer: GameHouse
Release date: Nov. 24

The title card for Delicious Miracle of Life Plus showing a father, pregnant mother and child in a field of flowers


This time management cooking game follows expectant mother Emily as she and her family manage her cooking vlog while navigating pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby. This title has you help design the baby’s nursery, explore the world, and share in the ups and downs of Emily’s life. 

Which games are being updated in November and December? 

Games released in November


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