Apple launches a redesigned iCloud app for Windows


Apple has launched a redesigned iCloud app for Windows to offer a better onboarding and content syncing experience for iPhone or iPad users who don’t own a Mac.

The new app, available for Windows 10 and 11, has a new setup experience for easier onboarding. It also has a syncing status indicator for different services to better indicate how many items have been downloaded or uploaded.

Image Credits: Apple

What’s more, you can also use a physical security key to sign into your Apple ID. Additionally, the updated app reduces the frequency of sign-in prompts, has improved photo-syncing performance with Microsoft Photos and displays easy shortcuts to access other Apple services.

Last September, Apple redesigned to include features like browser notifications for Mail and Calendar on a PC, a customizable home page with the ability to take quick actions and a slideshow view for photos.

Apple first announced separate apps for iCloud, Apple TV and Apple Music for the Windows platform in 2022. Eventually, it introduced some apps — including Apple Music and Apple TV — in preview last year in a bid to replace iTunes. These apps are now out of preview and available as a standalone experience on Windows. Plus, for device management there is a Devices app, so users don’t need to access iTunes for that. The iTunes app still exists on the platform, but it is primarily for users to access podcasts and audiobooks.