‘Battery gets a lot better’ praises Android user as new update is ‘finally safe’ to download on phone


‘Everything was fixed with the last update, don’t worry’

ANDROID users have praised a new software update and even claim it’s improved their battery life.

The remarks were made on a popular Reddit thread called r/GooglePixel.


Google Pixel owners have reassured another user who was worried about a recent updateCredit: Getty

One Reddit user asked if it was safe to finally upgrade their Google Pixel 7 device to Android 14 software.

Late last year, Google acknowledged that Android 14 was causing some issues for Pixel users.

It’s not uncommon for software updates to have some initial glitches.

Reddit user Lis05H acknowledged this in their question.

They wrote: “As many of you know, Google had problems with its Android 14 when it was pushed to Pixel phones (7 specifically).

“After Google pulled the update back, it’s been one month that they’ve rolled it out again.

“Are all the bugs fixed? Did anyone that recently updated their Pixel 7 encounter any bugs?”

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The concerned user received multiple replies in the thread.

One person said: “Everything was fixed with the last update, don’t worry.

“The first release is always faulty because is the first, but it was only for very few devices.”

Another added: “Battery gets a lot better.”

While another user said: “Yes, upgrade it. It’s been so smooth on my Pixel 7, 7 Pro and now 8 Pro.

“I understand your concern as Android 13 was a buggy nightmare when it released.”

Updating your Android device to the latest software is easy,

Generally, you can go to Settings and then About Phone.

Next, click Check for Updates and download any that are available.