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Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese has issued a fresh recall over E. coli fears (Picture: Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese)

Shoppers have been warned there are now five artisan cheeses that could contain the deadly E. coli bacteria.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese Ltd recalled four of its products in December after fears an E. coli outbreak was linked to the artisan cheese.

It’s believed at least 30 people across the UK contracted the illness as a result of the outbreak and one person, from Scotland, died.

The firm has now pulled a sixth product from the shelves – ‘No 1 Waitrose and Partners Farmhouse Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese’.

On its recall notice, however, it said testing had found ‘no evidence’, the outbreak was linked to its cheeses and the recall was a ‘precautionary’ measure.

The original four products, which are still part of the recall list, are: Mrs Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire, Mrs Kirkham’s Mature Lancashire, Mrs Kirkham’s Smoked Lancashire.

This recall applies to all five products in all sizes, with a use by date up to and including February 5, 2024.

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire cheese urgently recalled over E.coli fears

People are warned not to eat the recalled cheeses (Picture: Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese)

The Food Standard Agency (FSA), which shared the recall notice on its website, said: ‘The implicated cheeses may be in several retail formats, including cut-to-order and wrapped in plain waxed paper from a deli counter, prepacked pieces of cheese purchased or gifted to you that was purchased on or prior to the 5th of February.

‘The recalled products may have been included in a hamper or been sold as part of a charcuterie grazing platter. It may not always be clear whether you have purchased an affected product.’

The FSA warned anyone that suspects they have one of the recalled cheeses to not eat it.

They can be returned to the shop where they were bought for a full refund but, the FSA said, make sure it’s well wrapped and doesn’t come into contact with other food.

You should also wash your hands if you’ve touched the cheese, it added.

The Metro has contacted Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese for comment.

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