Dakota Johnson Clarifies Her 14-Hour Sleep Habits After Viral Interviewthedigitalchaps


Needless to say, the star’s comments caused a stir — and she soon found herself at the center of a whole bunch of think pieces. 

As publications questioned whether this was too much sleep to be healthy, others took to social media to express their awe and jealousy at how well-rested Dakota is.

But for every person praising Dakota’s snoozing abilities, there was somebody accusing her of being out of touch, with one person claiming that the excessive sleep was a sign that the star has “no real life responsibilities.”

“I would sleep all day too, if I had money like hers, a cook, maid, & gardener. Must be nice to get 6hrs of sleep. I work 3 jobs just to get a good paycheck. I’m exhausted. I’m happy she gets to rest 15hrs a day,” another person tweeted