Davos 2024: World Economic Forum highlightsthedigitalchaps


Photo: Quartz

The CEO of OpenAI made a big splash this year in Davos, where AI was referenced in nearly every session we attended. As part of the official WEF agenda, Altman sat on a panel in Congress Hall, the event’s largest meeting venue, with the CEOs of corporate heavyweights Accenture, Pfizer, and Salesforce, along with British finance minister Jeremy Hunt. On the conference sidelines, at a lunch hosted by Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff, Altman was the surprise guest speaker — and the victim of a minor grilling about his personal goals for the next 10 years.

“In our industry, people are always overestimating [what they can accomplish] in a year but underestimating what they’re able to do in one decade and certainly in a couple of decades,” Benioff said. “So tell me, in one decade, where is your mind? What would you like to have under your belt, fully accomplished? Where do you see yourself? Where would you be living? What would you be doing? … What is going on? Give us the full picture now.”

After the laughter died down, the recently married Altman replied, “I think the definition of AGI has become so fuzzy, it’s sort of irrelevant. But I think in a decade we will have made something that most people will consider AGI. I hope to be working on that, watching this wonderful world unfold, living on our ranch, raising our kids, having as quiet of a life as I can.”