‘Don’t know how I didn’t come across that’ says PS5 owner as genius ‘unloaded game’ trick that saves time revealed


PLAYSTATION 5 owners have access to a hidden tool that can help them play games more quickly.

The PS5 is Sony’s latest gaming console and the fifth variation of its original PlayStation.


PS5 owners have access to a hidden tool that can help them play games more quicklyCredit: Getty

It was released in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most desired gaming consoles around the globe.

This is due to the console’s build, design, and the numerous handy tools it’s packed with.

One such tool includes activity cards, which were created as part of the PS5 user interface in response to single-player complaints.


Sony’s PS5 Activity Cards are a way to quickly access parts of a game without going through the entire start-up process.

Using the tool, you can promptly start or resume single-player activities, such as side quests and trophy hunts from your dashboard.

Activity Cards also allow you to easily track your game’s progress and see completion information (such as how long a certain quest takes).

PlayStation users can access Activity Cards by hovering over a game’s icon on the Home menu.

Once you do that, press the down button and you will see on-screen card prompts.

The prompts allow you to dive into a specific stage, match, location, or moment.


The tool has been a huge hit with the PlayStation gamers that utilize it, according to one Reddit thread.

“Using the Activity Card to launch yourself into an unloaded game vastly speeds up the time spent waiting,” aPS5 user said on the thread.

They added that they use the handy tool to bypass the Ubisoft logo and play within 10 seconds.

“Awesome thank you, don’t know how I didn’t come across that,” another person responded to the comment.

“Activity cards are criminally underrated, probably the best new OS feature,” a third Reddit user said.

“Yeah totally, launching [games] through this system is incredible!” a fourth PlayStation gamer added.