EV Automotive ET5 waiting for ADR approval, but there’s an obvious problem


At the the Electrify Everything Australia event in Sydney this weekend, there’s dozens of EVs on show, many of them on sale now, while some at the show are yet to be released into the Australian market.

One such example is a new entrant, the EV Automotive ET5 is a mid-sized SUV that features a premium interior with center touchscreen, wooden highlights on the dash and leather seats. The rear offers a decent amount of storage including additional storage under the floor boot.

I did spot one obvious issue with the vehicle that could prevent it from getting approval for compliance with the Australian design rules, with a proposed release date in 2025 (next year).

The rear seats appear to have only two top tether points, which is an issue that Tesla recently got pinged for with the refreshed Model 3 and is now retrofitting the rear parcel shelf to allow access to the top tether point for the center seat.

According to Australian Design Rules, all 3 of the rear seats require easy access to top tether points, which assumes that owners may attempt to have as many as 3 car seats in the vehicle. It appears the EV Auto ET5 only has anchor points for the left and right seats.

More EVs are definitely welcome in Australia, as our adoption and demand for EVs grows, but this will be an important criteria to meet. If a company that has shipped 4 vehicle nameplates into the country can miss an ADR, it’s easy to understand how a new entrant could miss something like this.

EV Automotive are headquartered in Teneriffe, Queensland and also offer commercial EV light trucks and vans.

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