Explosive audio claiming Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs orchestrated Tupac Shakur hit for $1M given as evidence in Keefe D trialthedigitalchaps


BOMBSHELL audio recordings alleging P Diddy was a central figure in the assassination of Tupac Shakur have been submitted to court as evidence as part of the rapper’s murder case.

Tupac murder suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis boasts about Diddy allegedly offering him $1 million for the rapper’s assassination in a chilling 2 hour 25 minute secret police interview, which has been obtained by The U.S. Sun.


Diddy is accused of arranging a hit on Tupac in a bombshell recordingCredit: Getty
The tape has been given as evidence by prosecutors in the Tupac murder trial


The tape has been given as evidence by prosecutors in the Tupac murder trialCredit: Getty
Suspect Keefe D made the claims to LAPD in a secret interview where he thought he had immunity from prosecution


Suspect Keefe D made the claims to LAPD in a secret interview where he thought he had immunity from prosecutionCredit: Getty

The recording, made in a 2008 LAPD interview, has become available because Las Vegas prosecutors have entered the tape as a key piece of evidence in the murder trial.

Keefe, 60, appears to be laughing and joking with police about Diddy orchestrating Tupac’s killing in September 1996 in Las Vegas.

Disturbingly in the tape Keefe – and without any firm evidence –  alleges that he oversaw the fatal shooting of the Ghetto Gospel star on the request of Diddy in the mid 1990s.

Diddy, he repeatedly told officers on the tape, wanted rival record label boss Suge Knight and his top performing artist Tupac dead as a war of words broke out during the East/West Coast rap wars.

Keefe, who was charged with Pac’s murder in September, says in the tape that Diddy, now 54, declared: “Man I want to get rid of those dudes.”

The former Compton Crip apparently insisted that the million-dollar reward was proposed by Diddy – who has publicly dismissed claims he was involved in the shooting of Tupac and Suge as “nonsense.”

Prosecutors submitted the audio file to demonstrate Keefe’s apparent confessions about being a key figure in the murder but in many sections, he makes unsubstantiated allegations about Diddy – then known as Puffy.

On the tape, Keefe openly boasted about growing close to Diddy, then-owner of Bad Boy Records and global music superstar, through mutual friend and gangster Eric “Zip” Martin.

He also tells LAPD officer Greg Kading how Puffy discussed his hatred of Knight to Crip gang members who were covering his security detail after a concert in Anaheim, California.

Keefe said: “Sh*t, he said he would give us anything for those dudes heads you know?”


Diddy and Knight had been close until the West Coast mogul railed against Bad Boy Records during a “diss” speech at the 1995 Source Awards in NYC, where Suge said: “Any artist out there wanna be artist, and wanna stay a star and don’t have to worry about the executive producer being all in the videos, all on the records, dancing…come to Death Row.”

Keefe described how that televised moment “triggered” the war as the music giants acted “like little kids.”

Puffy allegedly brought up the alleged murder-for-hire “in Anaheim and a couple of times in Greenblatts” –  a famous Jewish deli in West Hollywood, according to the tape.


Pressed by Kading, Keefe delivered his version of events surrounding the discussion at a downstairs section of Greenblatt’s Deli in the recording.

Keefe alleges on the tape that Puffy said, “Man I want to get rid of those dudes – man.”

The Compton gang kingpin added that the chart star feared Knight saying, “Puffy was scared, and was scared of the dude period.”

Keefe said on the recording that the assassination order was given privately, “It was just me and him.”

“We will wipe their a** out quick you know – it is nothing.”

Duane “Keefe D

“We wanted a million,” and Keefe said on the recording that he promised, “We will wipe their a** out quick you know – it is nothing.”

Keefe repeated on the tape that Diddy had several conversations with him to “kill both of them.”

Pac was shot on the evening of September 7, 1996, as he drove to a club with Knight, and died in the hospital a few days later.

After the shooting, Keefe fled Sin City and shortly afterwards met Zip at a hot wings restaurant in West Hollywood, expecting to be paid, according to the tape.


Keefe alleges on the recording that Diddy called Zip, who handed the cellphone over, and asked, “Was that us?’”

When he responded, “Yes,” Keefe claimed, “He was happy.”

The gangster alleged that he never received any money for the shooting as Zip apparently said, “Puffy hasn’t paid him yet,” even though an acquaintance alleged that Zip secretly pocketed the cash.

Keefe ended up in prison so was unable to pursue his alleged claim with Diddy and Zip died in 2012 – four years after the police interview.

Throughout the taped interview, Keefe appeared unremorseful about his confessions of orchestrating the rap icon’s murder, often laughing about his gangster lifestyle.


Last week, The U.S Sun revealed how prosecutors decided to submit the tape as evidence despite the legal complexity of its admission.

Keefe believed that this confession tape would never be used as evidence against him, because he had secured immunity by corroborating with the LAPD in December 2008.

But that deal, known as a proffer, collapsed if Keefe spoke publicly about those matters or was found to have lied to police.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Binu Palal told Judge Carli Kierney that Keefe’s defense saying that he lied about his role in Tupac’s murder for fame and fortune meant the full interview was now admissible evidence.

Prosecutors decided to include the entire tape, mentioning the Diddy allegations, rather than editing down key moments.

It is expected that the full recording will be played for jurors during the trial, which is currently set for June.


Keefe maintains he is not guilty of Tupac’s murder, which carries a potential life sentence.

The recordings were discussed at a bail hearing on Tuesday where Keefe was granted bail for $750,000 with house monitoring.

The tape being submitted as evidence is the latest in a string of controversy for hip hop mogul Diddy.

He has been accused of sexual abuse and assault in lawsuits by several women, including his ex Cassie.

He vehemently denies all the accusations and reached an out-of-court settlement with Cassie over her suit.

The U.S. Sun reached out to a rep and lawyer for Diddy for comment.