George Clooney Claims Matthew Perry Wasn’t Happy On Friendsthedigitalchaps


“About three weeks before my audition for Friends, I was alone in my apartment on Sunset and Doheny, 10th floor — it was very small, but it had a great view, of course — and I was reading in the newspaper about Charlie Sheen. It said that Sheen was yet again in trouble for something, but I remember thinking, Why does he care — he’s famous,” Matthew wrote.

“Out of nowhere, I found myself getting to my knees, closing my eyes tightly, and praying. I had never done this before,” he went on. “‘God, you can do whatever you want to me. Just please make me famous.’”

“Three weeks later, I got cast in Friends. And God has certainly kept his side of the bargain — but the Almighty, being the Almighty, had not forgotten the first part of that prayer as well,” he added, referring to his alcohol and drug addiction.