How Santa delivers billions of Christmas presents worldwide is REVEALED by chief science boffin


CABINET Minister Michelle Donelan has revealed how Father Christmas delivers billions of presents thanks to quantum physics – but only if children get to bed early.

The Secretary of State for Science has been filmed in conversation with a top government adviser who says the science allows him to travel the world.


‘Leaked’ footage reveals how Father Christmas delivers billions of messagesCredit: Jam Press/Ministry of Fun

The pair were caught in ‘leaked’ video and passed to The Sun after the senior Minister revealed she had received letters from kids asking how his epic journey happens.

The country’s Chief Scientific Adviser Dame Angela Mclean reveals Santa has a “quantum” trick up his sleeve.

She said: “Father Christmas is very, very up with the tech. Obviously, he can’t break the laws of physics. So he can’t travel faster than the speed of light for example.

“But there are some things in quantum physics that we think he may well be using to help him in that all important work to get a present to every child all around the world.

“So what we think he’s doing is he gets toys that he’s made at the North Pole and he puts them in a special state – it’s called an entangled state.

“And what that means is that when the first child opens a present on Christmas morning that ensures every child all over the world is going to get a present.

“He has used a very special connection between things that we know can happen from quantum physics called entanglement.”

She adds: “If anyone was to see Father Christmas that would break the entangled state and none of this would work. That’s why we insist children get to bed in good time on Christmas Eve.”

Ms Donelan said: “So useful to find out the science behind that. So useful. I remember when I was a kid and my parents said you have to go to bed, it now makes so much sense.”

She explains that the theory allows Santa’s delivery of presents to happen automatically as soon as the first child in the world receives the first gift.

It means billions of presents can be delivered in the space of a single night – but children have been told to go to sleep early to get their presents.

Kids have been warned if they interrupt his journey they could disrupt his hi-tech delivery system and risk ruining Christmas for everyone.