How to sell a home: your step-by-step guide


While your estate agent will most likely be in charge of scheduling and managing viewings there are ways you can ensure the first impression potential buyers have of your property is a positive one. 

If the weather allows it, keep the windows open and turn the lights on so the property feels airy and fresh for viewings. 

Do not be afraid to share your experiences of living in the area. If there are elements buyers can relate to or look forward to it may improve their perception of the property.

It may also be worthwhile finding out any additional details on the viewers from your estate agent before they arrive. For example, do they have children and if so can you recommend local schools or playgroups?  

Chris Husson-Martin, director and head of sales at Hamptons in Salisbury, says: “The best advice we can give is to take a step back and think about their own home with fresh eyes. 

“Kerb appeal is very important, we encourage sellers to present the front of their home well, tidying up front gardens and the approach to the house is essential as this will be the first thing a viewer will see. 

“The majority of buying decisions are made within the first few minutes, or even seconds of a viewing.” 

In the current climate, buyers may be keen to put in an offer as soon as possible in order to help facilitate the sale of their own home, or not lose out on a more beneficial mortgage rate.

However, it is important not to feel pressured into accepting an offer straight away. Ultimately the process is a negotiation and if you have more viewings lined up, your home may even be the subject of a beneficial bidding war.

Sophie Archidiacono, head of sales at Hamptons Balham, says: “The more information we can share with a seller, the better we can help them to make a decision. 

“I would always advise a seller to pick the buyer that suits their requirements best. Some sellers value matching timelines over an extra £5,000 on the offer, whereas some want a buyer in the most secure financial situation possible.”

Sellers may also be concerned about “gazundering”, where a buyer lowers their offer just before contracts are exchanged, essentially trapping the seller into accepting. 

Ms Archidiacono advises sellers to be wary of buyers who are reluctant to disclose financial information. 

Meeting the buyers face to face, will hopefully build a relationship between the parties and help you gauge mutual commitment.