I swapped my Amazon Fire Stick for ‘game-changing’ Google Chromecast – there are more free apps and it’s way faster


TELLY fans have revealed they’re switching from Amazon’s Fire Stick to Google’s Chromecast, calling the alternative a “game-changer”.

The arch-rivals are leaders in cheap streaming solutions for TVs, with millions of users across the globe.


Chromecast has been around for more than ten yearsCredit: Alamy

But some are frustrated by slow performance on the Fire Stick, as well as storage restraints.

Shoppers who recently decided enough is enough and swapped for a Chromecast have been sharing their experience with the gadget.

“The Chromecast with Google TV has truly exceeded my expectations in every way, making it a remarkable upgrade for anyone seeking an unparalleled streaming experience,” one buyer called Peter wrote on Amazon’s review site.

“It’s an exceptional streaming device that offers a superior experience compared to Fire TV.

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“One of the standout features of the Chromecast with Google TV is its intuitive interface.

“Navigating through the streaming platform is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly Google TV interface.

“It has simplified my streaming experience, allowing me to effortlessly access all my favorite content from various apps in one place.”

But he says one of the key differences that makes Chromecast better than competitors like Fire TV is how it works well with other Google and Android devices.

“What truly sets the Chromecast with Google TV apart from its competitors, like Fire TV, is its seamless integration with the Google ecosystem,” he explained.

“I can effortlessly cast content from my smartphone or tablet to my TV with a simple tap.

“Whether I’m sharing photos, videos, or presentations, the Chromecast makes it effortless and enjoyable.”

The shopper also praised the device’s “wide range of apps” on the Google Play Store.

Other people who have switched have shared similar positive feedback.

“The remote is more comfortable to use and feels more durable,” another new user said.

“The actual device plugs into the TV a bit more easily due to the rubber ribbon the dongle is connected to.

“My old Fire Stick had a micro-USB port, which was a pain to use… the USB-C port on the Chromecast is a lot less fiddly and up to date.

“I’ve only had it for a few days but so far have not had any headaches.”

A third added: “Really handy and works faster than fire stick.”

‘I’m sticking with Amazon Fire Stick’

However, not everyone is convinced.

One person who gave Chromecast a go said they are “sticking with Amazon Fire Stick”.

“The problem is that it seems to be recommending shows from subscription services like Disney and Netflix that I dont even subscribe to,” the disappointed buyer commented.

“Even after uninstalling these apps like Netflix (that are installed by default) it still displays all these recommendations on the home screen.

“So all you have is 90% of shows and films that are on apps I don’t even have installed.

“The designers of this product have only thought of money that they would get if you sign up to these services rather than thinking about the user and making life easier for them.”