iCloud down updates — Apple email and login causing thousands of users to ‘freak out’ as issues arise


Reports are decreasing

The outage has been resolved.

Reports have plummeted from over 1,200 to just under 400.

iCloud Mail is still down

iCloud Mail is still experiencing an outage, according to Apple’s system status page.

Credit: Apple System Support

Users request ‘HELP’

More and more users are flooding social media to express their frustration with the iCloud outage.

Some users ‘can’t log in’ to their iCloud accounts

Several people are claiming that they cannot log into their iCloud accounts “at all.”

“I don’t think it’s just mail; I think there’s an authentication server issue – can’t log in at all,” said one person on Downdetector.

“iCloud website is down, I try to go to my cloud photos but it keeps showing up as blank or the connection error pops up,” wrote someone else.

Stuck on a loading screen

When trying to access iCloud.com, users will find an endless loading screen.

Credit: iCloud.com

System status breakdown

Below is a breakdown of all Apple functions and whether an issue or an outage is occurring.

iCloud Mail is currently experiencing an outage
iCloud Mail is currently experiencing an outageCredit: apple