I’m a Counter-Strike pro and the latest tournament is the best I’ve ever been to


IN the world of Counter-Strike and StarCraft 2, few tournaments are as important as IEM Katowice. 

This year is the event’s 10th anniversary and expectations are higher than ever. 


The audience at Katowice is hugeCredit: GLHF

The CS2 tournament is already well into the playoffs phase where some of the top tier teams have already been knocked out of the tournament. 

The “Real Madrid” of CS, Vitality, had an unexpected exit by the hands of Heroic.

This means that the streak of disappointing results in Katowice for the best player in the world “ZywOo” has continued. 

This is our third time attending IEM Katowice and every time the atmosphere at the tournament gets better and better. 

To add to this our hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Spodek Arena where the tournament and the Expo are being held. 

A light rain greets us at the exit of the hotel, but it doesn’t change the good mood we’re in.

The walk is short, and as we get near the Spodek Arena we’re already able to see that the queue is enormous.

IEM Katowice is not just a tournament but an attraction.

It’s a place where younger and older people can enjoy themselves watching their favorite players or attending the expo’s activities like raffles, games, trivia and of course spend plenty of cash on gamer gear.

Biggest brands like Intel, Predator, Nintendo, and Omen all have their own stands where you can try their products and play some of the best games available.

As the CS2 playoffs begin, the air fills with excitement, and you can see the anticipation on people’s faces. 

Watching their favorite players in this arena is something special, and few places are as electrifying as Spodek.

The lights dim and the intros start. The audience gets louder and the lighting effects and pyrotechnics kick in. 

The energy coming from the audience is like no other, and it brings an adrenaline rush for the competitors. 

Before the event truly gets underway, all we know is we’re in for a thrilling weekend.

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Written by Georgina Young and Marin Angelov on behalf of GLHF.

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