iPhone owners are only just realising they can double their device’s battery life with two little-known tricks


APPLE users have just discovered two top tricks for boosting the battery life of their devices.

After years of being hounded by consumers, the tech giant has finally revealed insider secrets for maximising battery life.


Detail of teenagers watching with their mobile phonesCredit: Getty

Apple says: “There are two simple ways you can preserve battery life — no matter how you use your device: adjust your screen brightness and use Wi‑Fi.”

Generally speaking, when you decrease the brightness of a light, it means that less power is being consumed.

So, having a lower screen brightness on your apple device would mean that it is using far less electricity.

Apple added that you can choose to manually dim your screen, or turn on Auto-Brightness to extend the battery life of your device.

It also said: “To dim, open Control Centre and drag the Brightness slider to the bottom.”

While: “Auto-Brightness adjusts your screen to lighting conditions automatically. To activate it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations and set Auto-Brightness to On.”

Tech experts have been cautioning against bright screens and the impact it has, saying that it can “conserve lots of battery”.

On top of this, you can also opt for Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data.

This is largely due to the proximity between the transmitter and the receiver – if the distance is further, like when using cellular data, more power is used to ensure the signal strength doesn’t wane.

So, the distance to the transmitter comes at a cost to your battery life.

Apple said: “When you use your device to access data, a Wi‑Fi connection uses less power than a mobile network — so keep Wi‑Fi on at all times.

“To turn on Wi‑Fi, go to Settings > Wi‑Fi to access a Wi‑Fi network.”

An apple tech expert added: “When Wi-Fi is connected it uses 30 mw continuously, whether transferring data or not.

“But mobile data uses from 50 to to 500 mw depending on signal strength when using data or voice, so Wi-Fi is always the better choice if you are actively using the phone.”

Another apple fanatic has revealed that you can optimise your iPhone battery life by keeping your apps open.

The trick reads: “You might be tempted to quit apps often with the hope to make your phone run faster, but don’t.

“iPhone is optimised to run apps in the background or pause them in an efficient manner.

“It’ll in fact be faster to just close and switch between apps.”

Apple also responded to the matter, saying users should only quit apps if they’re not working.

“Typically, there’s no reason to quit an app,” Apple explained.

“Quitting it doesn’t save battery power, for example.”

A separate memo from Apple notes: “You should only close an app if it’s unresponsive.”