Is Wordle down? Issues, outages, and errors explained


HUGELY popular word game Wordle appears to have suffered a mysterious outage today.

Users have complained that they’re unable to carry out their daily puzzle – and fear they may lose their streak as a result.


The web page for Wordle currently shows an error messageCredit: AFP

Is Wordle down?

A surge in users reporting Wordle as down was picked up on social media sites including X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit on Friday.

It appears the site’s web page is refusing to load.

But some say the Wordle app is still working.

“Yeah it’s been an issue for a few hours,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“I’ve been trying for the last 6 hours on and off and it’s still not working for me,” another said.

“Down for me here in the UK – in browser. It loads in the app…” a third person commented.

Outage reports have come from countries including the UK, the US and Australia, suggesting it’s a global issue.

How do I check if Wordle is working?

The most obvious thing to do is check the usual Wordle website, see whether it loads, then try some alternative websites.

If the alternatives load, you know it’s not a problem with your broadband or Wi-Fi, but a problem with the Wordle site.

Wordle doesn’t appear to have a service status page, so it’s hard to tell any other way.

How can I contact Wordle?

Wordle is now owned by the New York Times newspaper.

So if you want to contact Wordle’s team, you might want to do it via them.