I’ve seen the future of WhatsApp messages and emails on Samsung Galaxy S24 – it’ll save you a load of time


SAMSUNG has announced a load of new AI features designed to make messaging and emails a whole lot easier.

The fresh tools are all on board the Samsung Galaxy S24 range, which was officially revealed on Wednesday.


Change the tone of a message instantlyCredit: Samsung

The AI craze comes after Chat GPT burst onto the scene and Microsoft revealed its own Co-Pilot service to carry out tasks for you.

Samsung’s Chat Assist helps you perfect the tone of your communications, allowing you to instantly convert a slang text into something formal.

The AI can also translate messages into other languages – without even needing to be online.

It works with the Samsung Keyboard only.

But you’ll be able to use the feature across multiple apps like WhatsApp.

Aside from this, Samsung has also come up with a way to make us more organised.

Note Assist will create summaries of just about anything, such as long emails.

And Transcript Assist uses AI and speech-to-text technology to transcribe, summarise and even translate recordings.

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Chip-making giant Qualcomm demonstrated to The Sun how much of these features would be possible last year, with its latest powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which the Galaxy S24 Ultra uses.

“We are still in the early days of AI and we’ve seen huge excitement due to the euphoria around ChatGPT. AI has now replaced the word smart and we should expect developments to accelerate as awareness and adoption grows,” said expert Paolo Pescatore from PP Foresight.

“Not all users are aware of AI and will be sceptical at first.

“What might have been perceived as a gimmick is now real once users start seeing these experiences on a device.

“We should not underestimate the sheer computing power required for these new features.

“It underlines the significant strides Qualcomm has been doing to raise the bar even further with the robustness and efficiencies of its chipsets.”

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