List of ‘must delete’ downloads affecting hundreds of millions of Google Chrome users that steal passwords and money


EXPERTS have warned about malicious browser extensions that can steal your data and money.

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky discussed in a recent blog post the dangers of downloading malware-laden browser extensions.


Experts have warned about malicious browser extensionsCredit: Getty

In today’s digital age, browser extensions are an integral part of our online experience.

They offer a plethora of features, from saving us money while online shopping to helping us with grammar when typing emails.

However, sometimes browser extensions can contain sinister malware that aims to steal your data and money.

What’s more, cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting browser extensions to hijack your bank accounts.


Some extensions steal cryptocurrency wallets by intercepting private keys or redirecting transactions.

Others target online banking accounts, hijacking login credentials and granting unauthorized access to attackers.

In some instances, malicious extensions can alter search results by showing links that promote or redirect you to phishing websites.


Kaspersky shared a list of some of the most malicious browser extensions in 2023.

  • SearchBlox
  • RoFinder
  • RoTracker 
  • ChatGPT for Google
  • Quick access to Chat GPT
  • ChromeLoader
  • AF
  • Rilide
  • Autoskip for Youtube
  • Soundboost
  • Crystal Adblock
  • Brisk VPN
  • Clipboard Helper
  • Maxi Refresher
  • Quick Translation
  • Easyview Reader view
  • PDF Toolbox
  • Epsilon Ad blocker
  • Craft Cursors
  • Alfablocker ad blocker
  • Zoom Plus
  • Base Image Downloader
  • Clickish fun cursors
  • Cursor-A custom cursor
  • Amazing Dark Mode
  • Maximum Color Changer for YouTube
  • Awesome Auto Refresh
  • Venus Adblock
  • Adblock Dragon
  • Readl Reader mode
  • Volume Frenzy
  • Image download center
  • Font Customizer
  • Easy Undo Closed Tabs
  • Screence screen recorder
  • OneCleaner
  • Repeat button
  • Leap Video Downloader
  • Tap Image Downloader
  • Qspeed Video Speed Controller
  • HyperVolume
  • Light picture-in-picture

Users are urged to make sure they don’t have any of them downloaded on Chrome – and if you do, remove them right now.


There are a few steps you can take to stay safe from malicious browser extensions,

First, be mindful of what you install – only install extensions from trusted sources/

Before installing an extension, take a look and the reviews and its ratings. 

Some experts will tell you to avoid installing unnecessary extensions in general. 

And, as always, regularly update your browser and operating system to ensure you have the latest security patches.