Navigate Sydney Airport with Google Maps Indoor Live View


Navigating bustling airports can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the layout. With the launch of Indoor Live View at Sydney Airport, finding your way around has never been easier. This innovative feature utilizes augmented reality (AR) to overlay arrows, directions, and distance markers onto your camera view, guiding you seamlessly through the airport’s terminals.

Google Maps Indoor Live View eliminates the hassle of deciphering confusing maps and signage, saving you precious time and stress. Whether you’re checking in for your flight, locating your gate, or indulging in a duty-free shopping spree, this feature ensures a smooth and enjoyable airport experience.

This is a win for our passengers, who will be the first in Australia to benefit from this incredible new AR technology from Google.

Whether travellers are looking for their gate, a bathroom or even a place to grab a bite to eat, they now have the directions they need at their fingertips.

This is an especially great tool for travellers facing language barriers and accessibility needs, as it will help them navigate the airport more independently.

Sydney Airport Senior Manager Business Systems, Belinda Scanlon

This should avoid that awkward moment when you’re walking in the opposite direction of where you want to go, realise it, and then have to walk back past the people you just passed. This is powered by a technology called global localisation, which uses AI to scan tens of billions of Street View images to understand your orientation.

To navigate to your closest cafe, restaurant or retail shop, simply type the place into the Google Maps search bar, select walking mode and tap the Live View button.

Google Australia is proud to partner with Sydney Airport to launch Indoor Live View at Australia’s largest airport.

This is a game-changer for people visiting Sydney Airport, as AR directions can help people have an enjoyable and smooth travel experience.

It’s powered by a technology called global localisation, which uses AI to scan tens of billions of indoor Street View images to understand your orientation and provide assistance in real-time.

Anthony Bertuca, Group Product Manager at Google Maps in Australia,

If you’re looking for a non-business destination such as gates, restrooms or check-in counters, type the venue “Sydney Airport” in the Google Maps search bar and click on the airport’s ‘Directory’ button to find all categories of interest. Choose your desired destination from the list and click on the Live View button.

Visitors can also select the ‘Wheelchair accessible’ preference to find wheelchair, pram and suitcase friendly paths. They can also turn on audio navigation prompts, in addition to visual cues.

Whether you’re taking off or coming home, you can launch this new experience today at Sydney Airport via Google Maps on Android and iOS.