One of the world’s best universities is teaching students how to ‘git gud’ at video games


WE’VE often been told to stop playing video games and to do something productive like studying, but now you’re able to do both.

One of the world’s top ten universities is now offering a course in playing video games as an option for its students.


The video game course is offered at one of the world’s best universities.Credit: Alamy

The Art of Fighting Games is a course at The University of California, Berkeley, rated the eighth best university in the world.

Beating out elite British universities like Imperial College London and UCL, it is highly respected.

The course offers a number of benefits, such as teaching you how to play fighting games and improve on your form.

It also claims to teach people more about the history and culture of Japan and the gaming industry, as well as some basic Japanese.

Grading for the course is broken down into four parts including attendance, homework, fighting tournaments, and a final project.

The tournaments are not based on how many games you win, but on how well you can reflect on the mistakes you made while playing.

By comparison the final project is based on a deep dive into the history of a specific fighting game character and how they have changed fighting games.

The course is only two units and will make up only a small portion of someone’s overall degree.

However, it shows how public opinion on gaming is changing and how it is taken more seriously as an educational medium.

Minecraft is beginning to be used in schools through an add-on called Minecraft Education.

This is a subscription that can be purchased by schools and then used by all of the pupils for free.

It contains a number of lessons in a variety of subjects that students can engage with both in and out of lessons.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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