PlayStation gamers race to pick up ‘strangely engrossing’ open-world game for under a tenner


PLAYSTATION gamers can pick up open-world title Lake – that players suggest is perfect for the Christmas break – for under a tenner.

The “strangely engrossing” Lake has received rave reviews on offers site HotUKDeals and a 70/100 on ratings site Metacritic.


“This is strangely one of my favourite games,” one player wrote on HotUKDeals

The 2021 title is a slow-paced indie adventure game, which players say quickly became a favourite that they can’t help but reminisce about.

Lake, rated PEGI 16, is currently available for £9.95 on The Game Collection for PlayStation 5 consoles.

Set in 1986, the story follows Meredith Weiss, a software developer, who temporarily assumes the role of the town’s mail carrier while visiting her hometown in Oregon.

“This is strangely one of my favourite games,” one player wrote on HotUKDeals.

“Quirky, slightly cheesy, small. But strangely engrossing and relaxing and a ‘pleasant’ storyline. I was surprised how much I liked it.

“Wishing I had a PS5 for this and the new DLC.”

Another wrote: “I absolutely loved this game, so much so that I bought it on every available platform.

“I’m saving the DLC for Christmas and I’m so excited!”

While a third added: “I completed it on Xbox via Game Pass and for some odd reason it left a lasting feeling with me.

“Cannot put a finger on it on the feeling, but its like a ‘i wouldn’t mind getting away to a place like that for a simple day to day life’.”

A fourth player “felt exactly the same” and explained in the comments that the sweet feeling of playing Lake “lingered for ages”.

However, no everyone is a fan, of course.

One gamer wrote that they “enjoyed it for a while” but it “gets boring pretty quickly.”

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