‘Reset back to factory and start over’ warns Amazon Fire TV Stick user giving advice on ‘critical low storage error’


AN Amazon Fire TV Stick user has revealed some factory reset advice.

The tip was given on a popular Reddit forum called r/fireTV.


Amazon Fire TV Stick users can factory reset back to the device’s original settings if they’re exhausted all other optionsCredit: Getty

It was posted in response to a frustrated user revealing an issue they were having with a low storage error message.

“The dreaded critical low storage error. It’s driving me insane,” they wrote.

“I’ve been trying to solve this for days and it’s driving me insane.

“I have a 4k firestick that’s about a year or a year and a half old.

“I have literally three apps installed. That’s it. Yet apparently it decided one day it’s completely full of memory, all 5 gigs of it,” they continued.

The frustrated user then went on to ask for “literally any tips or advice” as they were desperate.

Several Amazon Fire TV Stick users tried to provide advice in the Reddit thread comments.

“At this point, it would be easier to reset back to factory and start over. At least you only have 3 apps to redownload,” one wrote.

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“Factory reset,” another wrote and received five upvotes from people who agreed.

“Hmm considering Amazon keep sending updates ….could that be the cause of some of these problems,” another suggested.

To restore your Fire TV Stick to its factory settings you need to head to the Settings app.

Then click on My Fire TV and Reset to Factory Defaults.

This should return your Fire TV Stick to the fresh state it was when you bought it.

A factory reset isn’t a useful fix for every problem as you’ll need to download your apps again and log back into your streaming services.