Samsung fans shocked over leaked Galaxy S24 price drop – but people say it’s ‘still too expensive’


SAMSUNG’S new Galaxy S24 models could be cheaper than their S23 counterparts according to rumours.

The much-anticipated reveal of Samsung’s newest phone is only weeks away.


Galaxy S24 is expected to be cheaper than the S23Credit: YouTube/Technizo Concept

However, it is still unclear what the price of the S24 is going to be.

According to rumours, the Galaxy S24 will be cheaper than its predecessor but the Galaxy S24 Ultra could see a price hike compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra,

If true Samang’s newest phone could start at 899 euros.

This is 50 euros cheaper than the Galaxy S23 which was priced just under 950 euros.

According to the numbers, the Galaxy S24 Plus would launch for 1,149 compared to the S23 last year which cost 1,199 euros.

The S24 Ultra couple be sold for 1,449 Euros which is 100 euros more expensive than last year’s model.

Rumours of the price of Samsung’s latest phones started because of the company’s new pricing strategy.

Unlike Apple or Google who have announced price increases on their mobile devices – Samsung will keep their prices the same.

For example, for Samsung users in the US, the Galaxy S42 will be priced at $800 while the S24 Plus and Ultra will cost $1,000 and $1,200 respectively.

People have been quick to spot the alleged prices for Samsung’s new phones with many leaving comments on Reddit.

One person wrote: “This is undercutting iPhone in Europe right by 50.”

However, many were still unimpressed at how expensive the phone was.

A Reddit user wrote: “960 euros for the cheapest usable phone is insane, new flagships are just so ridiculously expensive.”

Another said: “Cheaper than the S23 at launch, not cheaper than the rest of the world.. kinda misleading title.

“Still overpriced, I mean 1800€ for the 24 ultras 1TB and people here complain that Xperia phones are overpriced, lol.”