Samsung launches new way to help millions of British Gas customers save money on their energy bills with their phone


SAMSUNG has launched a way for British Gas customers to use a nifty app to slash their monthly energy bills.

The SmartThings application essentially allows households to manage their smart home appliances from a smartphone or tablet.


Along with alerting customers about energy prices, the app offers real-time usage tracking as wellCredit: Samsung

It is free to download for all Android owners, including Samsung fans, and even iPhone users.

It’s even available on Samsung televisions.

The app has recently been integrated with British Gas’ PeakSave service, thanks to a new collaboration between the two companies.

The PeakSave service sends British Gas customers notifications about the best times to use household appliances to save money on any compatible device.

This means customers of British Gas, the UK’s largest energy provider, can now hop into the SmartThings app to see when is best to switch on the cooker or washing machine at any given moment.

Along with alerting customers about energy prices, the app offers real-time usage tracking as well.

The app now includes British Gas’ PeakSave Sundays deal, when the energy supplier offers customers power for half-price between 11am and 4pm at the end of the week.

This will be happening every Sunday until the end of February.

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Explained: Samsung’s SmartThings app

Here are the main features of the SmartThings app:

  • Remotely control connected devices, check their status and program actions for each of them.
  • Create “Scenes” to group different devices and set up simultaneous actions .
    • For example, to turn off all lights and the TV at once).
  • Personalise the settings of the connected devices.
  • Share permissions with up to 20 “Members”.
  • Receive notifications when the status of a connected device has changed.

“The collaboration will see British Gas integrate with Samsung’s SmartThings app to help customers optimise their home appliances to use energy when the cost and demand are lower,” the pair write in a joint announcement.

“The collaboration will also help support customers in their journey to decarbonising their homes by introducing smart technologies in a way that is simple and empowering.”

From the beginning of this year, British Gas will also begin to include Samsung heat pumps in its offering.

“This, combined with the recently increased UK Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant of £7,500, creates an attractive package of financing options to help people make the transition more affordable,” the companies add.

It’s important to note that the app will only work for your smart devices.

So, if your washing machine, tumble dryer or whatever you want to be able to control via the app is not ‘smart’ or Wi-Fi connected – this collaboration may not be as helpful for you.