Samsung owners set to receive free phone upgrade that will help their battery last so much longer


SAMSUNG owners are set to receive a free phone upgrade that will help their battery last so much longer.

The company recently issued a sparkly new operating system under the title One UI 6.0.


Samsung owners are set to receive a free phone upgrade that will help their battery last so much longerCredit: Getty

The update brought along a new emoji design, camera app upgrade and more customisation.

Now a leak has revealed the updated battery protection features Samsung intends to launch with One UI 6.1.

The current battery protection function limits the battery charging up to 85 per cent to improve the overall lifespan of the battery.

If you prefer to charge your battery up to 100 per cent, you can turn off the battery protection function, but the limit is currently not customisable.

This will change with One UI 6.1, according to Samsung leaker Tarun Vats.

One UI 6.1 will add Basic, Adapt, and Max battery protection modes.

Samsung will also reportedly rename the feature to “battery protection”.

The leaker tweeted: “Protect battery is now *Battery protection* with even more options.

“Basic: Stops charging at 100%, resumes at 95%. Adapt: Pauses at 80% while you sleep, finishes before you wake.

“Max: Stops charging at 80%.”

All One UI 6.0 perks

Beyond a new emoji design, the One UI 6.0 update features a raft of other highlights.

A new button layout has brought along dedicated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to the top of the screen for easy access.

Samsung owners (and millions of other Android fans) will also be able to reposition the clock on their Lock screen for added customisation.

There’s a more “stylish and modern” default font, according to experts at SamMobile, that can be selected in Settings.

Pop-up windows will stay open when you navigate over to the Recents screen, so users can pick up where they left off.

Samsung owners can also enjoy a new weather widget with enhanced illustrations alongside more information about snowfall, atmospheric pressure and moon phases.

The camera app is gaining custom widgets to choose from, more alignment options for watermarks, easier video sizing options, quality optimisation and a new Auto FPS setting for brighter videos.

While the gallery has been tweaked to allow for quicker edits in detail view and the ability to ave clipped images and stickers.