Samsung TV owners discover hidden button that’s perfect for lost remote nightmares – and there’s a free replacement too


SAMSUNG TV viewers have spotted hidden buttons that could be a lifesaver when you can’t find the remote.

And if you’re especially prepared, there’s also a free remote replacement that could make life even easier too.


Some users had no idea buttons were hidden underneath the logoCredit: YouTube/Endpoint101

TVs feature less and less buttons on the actual set these days as we rely on the remote.

But it can cause a massive headache if you lose the controller.

Some TVs have a limited number of buttons along the back or on the side – including several Samsung displays.

But for those without buttons on the back you may find them lurking in an unexpected place.

People are just realising that there are a number of buttons tucked away under the logo on the front of their Samsung TV, particularly those released in 2018.

YouTuber Endpoint101 revealed where they were to gobsmacked users.

“Omg thank you , we just moved and could not find remote …found the hidden power button,” one person responded.

Some have about five buttons – long press the button in the middle and it will turn on the TV.

Certain 2018 models have a single button controller in the middle of the front bezel – on these you can also long press the button to switch it on, while a single press moves the focus, and you can long press to make a selection.

Use your smartphone as a remote

One way to spare yourself from the nightmare that is a lost remote control is by using your smartphone.

It’ll save you having to pay for a new one too.

But you’ll need to have set it up before the remote is lost, so make sure you’re prepared should the worst ever happen.

You’ll need to download the free Samsung SmartThings app on your phone.

Now, turn your TV on and ensure it’s connected to the Wi-Fi.

In the app, tap the + icon, followed by Device.

Select TV, then Samsung.

Tap TV again, followed by Start.

Choose a location and the room you watch the TV in, then click Next.

This should connect to your Samsung TV – on models made before 2020 you will have to provide a PIN code.

For more instructions, check out Samsung’s website guide.