Samsung’s fascinating new monitors can connect via pogo pins



Samsung announced a mysterious new monitor at CES 2024 called The Link — and even though it wasn’t seen in person, they looked absolutely fascinating in the photo that was shared.

Very little information was given about them, but here’s what we do know: The Link monitors are “the world’s thinnest and lightest 4K 32-inch LED monitors,” and can “daisy-chain” together using pogo pins. That means connecting these monitors together would be completely wireless. The problem Samsung is attempting to solve is to make the display in multi-monitor setups less “uneven” and “mismatched.”

Samsung says you can connect “as many monitors as you need,” but I can’t imagine you’d want to connect more than a few since the screens have to be touching each other.

Based on the one photo that was provided, The Link has an interesting design too. The screens look remarkably thin, with a flat metal base. The monitors can then line up with one another — presumably by pogo pins located in the bottom chin, which also acts as the stand. It’s just a rendering, of course, but if they end up with a design like this, they’ll certainly be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

A lot more needs to be known about The Link, but I’ll always appreciate sleek an fresh designs that do something new. Lest you think this is merely a concept, though, The Link did win an Innovation Award from CES as a real product.

Obviously, we’ll be waiting to hear more about The Link in the future, including its price and release date.

In addition to The Link, Samsung announced two new QD-OLED gaming monitors and a 3D gaming monitor concept.

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