Samsung’s next big Galaxy phone will change how you make calls forever – and even iPhone owners can benefit from it


SAMSUNG’s next big Galaxy phone is set to change how users make calls forever – and even iPhone owners can benefit from it.

The giant phone maker is launching a new series of Galaxy phones boasting features powered by artificial intelligence.


The new Galaxy S24 boasts AI technology for callsCredit: Getty

The South Korean company is looking to improve its new flagship mobile with the latest technology.

A report in Korea indicates the phone maker will integrate AI in the Galaxy S24 series.

It will be similar to the way Google features it on the Pixel phones, which is powered by its own Tensor chipsets.

The AI used on the S24 is expected to be called Samsung Gauss.

Those able to snap up the new model will be able to use the innovative AI Live Translate Call.

With the new functionality, users can get live translation for calls in multiple languages – including English and Spanish.

But Samsung is not limiting this feature only to its phones.

Live translation will also work when talking to someone with a non-Samsung phone.

Users with an iPhone or any other brand will be able to hear translations while talking to a Galaxy phone user.

But the new features don’t end here.

Samsung Gauss will also boast photo expansion, an AI chatbot, tone adjustments for text, and AI-generated wallpapers.

It will also help users summarise documents, translate content in third-party apps and compose emails.

Although the official launching date is unknown, rumours claim it could come out next month.

Images of alleged dummy units have been appearing online and Korean publications have claimed the new phone will be launched at a press event on January 17 in San Jose, California.

Rumours suggest Samsung may bring forward the date for the Galaxy S24 by about a month, as a response to Apple’s iPhone 15.

If speculation is correct and it is revealed on January 17, that would probably mean it will be available in the shops before the end of the month.

It comes as Samsung fans were left shocked after rumours claim the new Galaxy S24 models could be cheaper than their S23 counterparts.

Although it is still unclear what the price of the new phone is going to be, reports claim it could start at 899 euros.

This is 50 euros cheaper than the Galaxy S23 which was priced just under 950 euros.

The Galaxy S23 was launched on February 1 this year


The Galaxy S23 was launched on February 1 this yearCredit: Getty