Smartphone users take 69 images and videos over Christmas period – and share third of them on social media


THE AVERAGE smartphone user will take 69 images and videos over the festive period – and share more than a third of them on social media.

A poll of 2,000 adults who own a smartphone and post on social media found a night out with friends, a winter walk and Christmas markets were among the most common images to share.


Christmas content reaches social media as early as November 9, according to a new surveyCredit: SWNS

Their tree, Christmas dinner and Elf on the Shelf were also popular.

It was also revealed social media feeds flood with festive content as early as the 9th of November.

However, 36 per cent feel December 1st is the prime time for festive posts to begin.

The study, commissioned by mobile network provider giffgaff, also found Sunderland locals are the most prolific users when it comes to taking, posting and sharing images over Christmas.

They were followed by Coventry, Liverpool, Brighton and Hove, Bournemouth and Poole.

While Leicester, Middlesbrough, Southampton and Portsmouth were the least active on their phones.

But 62 per cent of those in Manchester think people start celebrating Christmas too early, while 30 per cent of those in Leeds think the opposite.

Facebook was the top app for uploading images (53 per cent), followed by Instagram stories (42 per cent), while 28 per cent prefer to do an Instagram grid post.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also found 52 per cent are of the opinion that there’s ‘no such thing as too much’ when it comes to Christmas posts.

While 77 per cent feel their most cherished festive memories are stored on their phones, with 75 per cent capturing more special moments because of social media and having a smartphone.

Ash Schofield, CEO of giffgaff, which commissioned the research to mark its offer of 500GB of data for the first six months of its £20 contract, said: “The festive period is a time for connecting with friends and loved ones.

“The research shows us that smartphones play an important part of people’s lives, especially when it comes to cherishing those key festive memories for years to come.

“Whether that’s being together in person, connecting over the phone or sharing special moments on social media, no one should have to worry about being cut off.”


1.  Your Christmas tree

2.  Your Christmas dinner

3.  Snow

4.  A winter walk

5.  Christmas markets

6.  A night out with mates

7.  Family decorating the tree

8.  Children opening presents

9.  Wrapped gifts

10.  Children in festive outfits

11.  Fairy light displays

12.  A drink in the pub


1.  Sunderland  

2.  Coventry    

3.  Liverpool   

4.  Brighton and Hove 

5.  Bournemouth/ Poole      

6.  Birmingham  

7.   Belfast     

8.   Stoke on Trent    

9.   Leeds 

10.  Manchester  

11.   Reading     

12.  Cardiff     

13.  London      

14.  Newcastle   

15.  Sheffield   

16.  Edinburgh   

17.  Glasgow     

18.  Southampton/ Portsmouth 

19.  Middlesbrough     

20.  Leicester   

The average social media fan will post 24 photos and videos over the festive period


The average social media fan will post 24 photos and videos over the festive periodCredit: SWNS