Sonos adds 8-inch ceiling speakers to its architectural line



Sonos has announced a new addition to its architectural series of speakers, which it produces in collaboration with Sonance. The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker represents a small increase in size from the existing 6-inch model and will be available this spring for $999 per pair.

Sonos says that the new speaker features a custom-built, enlarged woofer and a high-excursion motor. It claims that this will generate a smooth midrange, and bass as low as 32Hz over a greater listening area. A 30mm tweeter and an optimized waveguide will offer purportedly better high-frequency dispersion.

The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker uses the same style of white, paintable magnetic grille as the smaller ceiling speaker, so it won’t look out of place when mixing and matching the two sizes throughout a single home.

“The 8-inch In-Ceiling Speaker has been designed in direct response to the needs of our installers,” said Audra Kinsley, VP and GM of Sonos Professional, “who asked us for more size options and flexibility during installation.”

Like all of Sonos’ architectural speakers, the new 8-inch ceiling speakers can be used with any third-party amplifier that’s suited to the power requirements of the installation, but Sonos naturally recommends they be paired with a Sonos Amp.

Doing so offers overdrive protection and Sonos’ Trueplay room tuning feature, which can calibrate the EQ based on room size, shape, and acoustic features like furniture placement. Because Sonos knows the exact specifications of its own architectural series, it enables Trueplay when a Sonos Amp is used in conjunction with its speakers. Trueplay on a Sonos Amp is unavailable when connected to third-party speakers

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