T-Mobile Adds Hulu With Ads to Its Priciest Go5G Next Plan


T-Mobile is upping the perks for its top unlimited plan. On Wednesday, the carrier revealed that it’s adding Hulu (with ads) to its priciest Go5G Next plan. The addition of Hulu marks the latest streaming service T-Mobile has bundled into the plan, joining Netflix and Apple TV Plus. 

The offer goes into effect on Jan. 24 and will be available for both new and existing Go5G Next subscribers. 

Whereas T-Mobile includes Netflix with a variety of its plans and Apple TV Plus on its Magenta Max and Go5G Plus options, getting bundled Hulu will require you to be on the carrier’s top Go5G Next plan. T-Mobile’s priciest plan, Go5G Next also includes unlimited high-speed data on your phone, 50GB of high-speed hotspot data as well as the ability to upgrade your phone on the carrier’s most aggressive trade-in deals every 12 months.

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Like its Magenta and Go5G other plans, Go5G Next plan also includes international data and texting while abroad and puts taxes and fees into the sticker price. A single line of Go5G Next runs $100 per month, or $215 per month for four lines. Unlike rivals AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile doesn’t allow for mixing and matching plans for an account and needs everyone to be on the same plan. 

For reference, Hulu’s ad-supported plan normally runs $8 per month, Apple TV Plus runs $10 monthly and Netflix Standard (which is included on T-Mobile plans with two or more lines) runs $15.50 (those with just one line get Netflix Basic, which used to run $10 per month). The carrier also regularly includes MLB.TV subscriptions for its subscribers as part of its partnership with Major League Baseball. 

Whereas T-Mobile allowed users to pay the difference if they wanted to get a pricier Netflix plan, it is unclear if they will let Hulu users do the same to step up to an ad-free plan (which is $18 per month) or one of Disney’s bundles that includes Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus. 

CNET reached out to T-Mobile for additional details and will update if they respond. 

The addition of Hulu marks the latest blending of streaming services with wireless service. Rival Verizon has long bundled in the Disney Bundle with a variety of its pricier unlimited plans and now offers discounts on streaming services to users of its latest unlimited plans. Last month, Verizon added a Netflix and Max bundle that allowed wireless users to get the ad-supported versions of both services for $10 per month.