The 13 best unlocked phone deals in Best Buy’s 3-day sale


If you haven’t upgraded your phone in a few years, then this 3-day sale from Best Buy is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can take advantage of dozens of unlocked phone deals on everything from budget-friendly phones that cost less than a couple of hundred dollars to high-end folding phones. Whatever it is, there’s likely a deal here that will interest you, so we’ve done our best to find and put together the best deals that will give you the most bang for your buck. That said, there are a lot more deals than we could cover, so be sure to check out the complete sale from Best Buy to see everything that is on offer.

Our Favorite Phone Deal in Best Buy’s 3-Day Sale

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There are a lot of great flagship phones out there, but if you’re looking for something mid-range and are part of the Google ecosystem, then the Google Pixel 8 is the choice to go for — discounted from $699 to $549. It has quite a few upgrades to the previous generations, with some of the biggest changes being in the better cameras and the AI photo editing tools. You also get the newer and better Tensor G3 processor, as well as the fresh Android 14, and if that wasn’t enough, Google even throws in seven years of software support, one of the longest of any brand. That said, it does have a slow charging speed, which is somewhat made up for being a two-day phone, although just barely.

Other Phone Deals We Like in Best Buy’s 3-Day Sale

Camera split screen view flex mode on Galaxy Z Flip 5.
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If you’re not interested in the Google Pixel 8, there are a ton more options from pretty much every brand, including the previous Google Pixel 7 and the fancier Samsung Z Flip5. All of the choices below are for unlocked phones, and we’ve done our best to keep a wide spread regarding budget and brand so you can pick something that stands out to you.

  • OnePlus Nord N200 5G —

  • Motorola Moto G Power 5G 2023 —

  • Motorola moto g stylus 5G 2023 —

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE —

  • Motorola razr 2023 —

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro —

  • Motorola razr+ 2023 —

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 —

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 —

  • Sony Xperia 1 V —

  • Google Pixel Fold 5G —

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 —

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