The 5 Best Udemy Alternatives in 2024


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Probably one of the most incredible things about the internet, or being online, is that you can look up almost anything. Any topic, any subject, any tutorial. That allows you to learn new things, most of which you’d never be able to do otherwise. An offshoot of this is actual e-learning or online courses that walk you through whatever the subject is, like programming or developing a game, becoming a PhotoShop master, building various things, or even earning a certification so that you can enter a new career field. Udemy is at the top of the list when it comes to e-learning, but it’s not the only place you can go. In fact, there are many Udemy alternatives in 2024, and we’re going to show you. Let’s open our textbooks and dive in.

The best Udemy alternatives in 2024

  1. Try

    if you want an active and engaged community to collaborate with while learning.

  2. Try

    if you love your career but want to learn new skills for advancement.

  3. Try

    to earn new certifications, whether for your main focus or side skills.

  4. Try

    to learn unique skills from celebrities and experts while having a bit more fun.

  5. Try

    for nearly any tech-specific skill from software development and IT to cloud security.


Best community

Skillshare is one of the best Udemy alternatives out there
Pros Cons
Free classes and free trial No certifications
An active, engaged community

Some folks are social learners and learn best with a group of like-minded and collaborative people. If that describes you, well, you might find most online learning platforms a bit challenging. You’ll be learning on your terms, yes, but mostly solo. The good news is that Skillshare does things a little differently. You’ll learn creative skills to apply to personal and professional goals, but with each course, you can power through at your own pace. You’ll also gain access to a global community of curious creatives just like you. You can enlist help, discuss topics, and converse with the community while taking your courses. There are free classes available, Skillshare offers a 1-month trial, and the premium classes are affordable. The only downside is that no official certifications are awarded for completing coursework — it’s all about personal growth.


Best career booster

Udacity data analyst course.
Pros Cons
Free courses  Nanodegrees only for paying customers
Excellent collaborations (Google, Amazon, Nvidia)

Udacity offers a more traditional online learning platform where you can complete nanodegrees or single paid courses on specific topics. Earning a nanodegree requires you to complete a track or set of single, paid courses, but they’re only available to paying customers — you won’t earn a nanodegree from a free class. That said, there are free courses available, the paid courses are relatively affordable, and there are a lot of excellent subjects. Udacity has even collaborated with big industry names like Google, Nvidia, and AWS or Amazon. Ultimately, it’s a fantastic career booster and a solid way to beef up your CV.


Best for certifications

Woman taking lessons on Coursera online learning platform.
antonioguillem/123RF / Coursera
Pros Cons
Free courses Confusing pricing structure
Earn accredited university degrees

Well-known, prestigious, and accredited — allowing you to earn official university degrees — Coursera sets the bar high if you want to advance your skills. With over 220 partners across 55 countries that work to create accredited courses and well over 5,100 opportunities, this is the place to go if you’re looking for true variety. You can learn many subjects in technology and data science, healthcare, business, marketing, and beyond. More importantly, you can take those lessons and your degree and be competitive in the job market. The drawback is that Coursera has a varied and somewhat confusing price structure, but course fees are much lower than anything you’d pay at a university. You can also download courses to take or watch offline with Coursera’s app.


Best for bite-sized fun

Gordon Ramsey teaching in MasterClass.
Pros Cons
Affordable No free courses
Fun, high-quality lessons with top instructors

MasterClass is the place to go to have a little fun and learn new skills that you can apply anywhere, including your personal life. Another cool note is that you’re learning from top-notch instructors, some well-known in their fields like Alexis Ohanian, Bill Clinton, Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, and even Deadmau5, Timbaland, Alicia Keys, or Hans Zimmer. Yes, legitimately, all those celebrities teach courses you can take on MasterClass. You’ll be learning how to cook, how to score films, how to write screenplays, or even how to start your own business. It’s entirely up to you. All lessons are affordable with high-quality production values, and by the time you’re done, you’ll definitely know something new. No free courses are available, however, so keep that in mind. There is no MasterClass free trial either, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Best for learning tech

Pluralsight one of the best udemy alternatives with student learning AWS skills
Pros Cons
Free trial available No free courses
Highly-technical and high-quality lessons

If you want to learn anything related to modern technology and apply it in the real world, in a real career, then Pluralsight is a wonderful platform. The free 10-day trial, or up to 200 minutes, gives you plenty of time to get the lay of the land and see if it’s right for you. You have full access to Pluralsight’s course library, too. Courses are designed for individuals, primarily professionals, with options for team learning if you’re a manager or business owner. You can download and view course materials offline if needed. But course opportunities are pretty limited compared to some of the other Udemy alternatives. Every single one is high-quality and valuable, however. Skill and role IQ assessments are also available to you, which help you measure your proficiency in a skill.

How we chose these Udemy alternatives

While researching and assessing the best Udemy alternatives, there were several factors we considered, including:

Free or affordable lessons

Not all of our choices on the list offer free classes or a free trial, but even if they don’t, they’re still very much what we would consider to be affordable. Since most people taking these courses will either be doing it to advance their careers or help them find work, it makes sense to stay away from more expensive opportunities. Don’t worry, if you have a little money to burn, there’s another smaller list you can check out above.


Again, prices are important when it comes to online learning. Are you paying for each course individually and only for a temporary license? Are you buying a course that you can watch or interact with anytime? Is it a subscription model? We tried to avoid payment models that don’t make sense, featuring high prices and limited access.

Course variety

Does the platform in question offer enough course variety to justify using it? Every Udemy alternative on our list does feature an excellent library of courses and resources, and in some cases — like for

— you also gain access to an active and helpful community of fellow avid learners.

Certifications and degrees

There are a couple of ways to grow your knowledge and skills, one of which involves personal growth — which we’ll touch on below. The other is an official form of learning that earns you certifications and degrees, which you can share with potential employers to prove your success. The latter is essential if you’re looking to advance your career or enter a field requiring certification. Except in a rare case, like with

, we opted for e-learning platforms that offer you official achievements to earn.

Personal growth

Personal growth is less about official documentation and achievements and more about improving your unique skills and abilities and maybe even enhancing your everyday life. While not all of our selections offer certifications or accredited degrees, they will help you improve your life and advance your personal growth. With MasterClass courses, for example, you can learn how to cook, play an instrument, or even some interior design and decorative tips. It’s all about your personality and what you want to know.

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