The three little-known charging tips that instantly improve your battery – and a bad habit that can BREAK your phone


EVERYONE has bad phone habits – be it strolling around without a case or never being able to put it down.

Whatever your vice is, there are three routines you should quit to instantly improve your phone battery.


Experts advise against sleeping with your phone for a whole host of reasons

One of them could even result in you permanently breaking your phone.


You want your pricey handset to be protected, right?

Dropping your phone can damage the battery – and not having a case only increases that risk.

What’s worse, is that it can even cause the phone to explode, according to PCMag.

Former PCMag Mobile Analyst Steven Winkelman accidentally dropped a Chinese-manufactured phone he was reviewing, which “burst into flames within minutes,” according to the magazine.

Not every phone is going to go up in flames after a hard drop.

But a case is the best way to protect your device’s internal battery.


Experts advise against sleeping with your phone for a whole host of reasons, such as radiation fears and the overexposure to ‘blue light’ which can keep you up at night.

But another cause for concern is the chances of you rolling over onto it.

Covering your phone while it’s charging is a big no-no – and that includes a human body while it’s in the land of sheep.

This is because phones can quickly overheat when they charge.

“I can personally attest to it,” Jason Cohen of PCMag wrote in September. “Don’t cover your phone with anything while it’s charging and don’t charge the device in bed.”

He explained: “Years ago, I woke up one morning to find my phone underneath my body and burning my bare chest.

“At some point in the night, I had rolled onto the phone, causing the┬ádevice to overheat.

“Not only did it burn my body, but it burned itself out and stopped working.”

Any hard, flat surface is good to place your phone on while its refuelling – just avoid the plush, squishy surfaces.

Otherwise, you might have to fork out the cash for a new handset.


Your charger is your battery’s lifeline – so treat it well.

Damaged wires can lead to charging issues and even become a fire hazard.

To elongate your charger’s lifespan, avoid wrapping the wire too tightly – even if it looks neat and compact.

And quit the yanking, too.

Always unplug the charger from the actual plug instead of pulling it out from the cord.

If your current charger is fraying or seems to have melted, it’s time to get a new cable.

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