Three new Pokémon have just been revealed – and fans will love them


POKÉMON’S next big trading card booster set, Paldean Fates, is almost here, and slowly more and more cards are being revealed.

It will be available on Friday, January 26, 2024, for everyone to boost their decks and collections.


Pokémon is both a playable and collectable card game.Credit: Getty

The booster set will be bringing back shiny Pokémon, which have been absent from the TCG for a long time.

While the full set has yet to be revealed, GLHF has been offered an exclusive look at three never-before-seen cards coming to the booster set.

Turtwig 010/162

Turtwig is the basic Pokémon of the new set.


Turtwig is the basic Pokémon of the new set.Credit: The Pokémon Company

The first card from the set is Turtwig, the basic card in the Torterra evolutionary line.

It will come with the ability Solid Shell, which means that it takes 20 less damage from attacks.

Turtwig only has 80 HP, so this ability will help to keep it healthy while it tries to set up to Torterra on the bench.

Its attack Leafage does 30 HP damage and requires one Grass and two Colourless Energy in order to use.

Turtwig also comes with three retreat cost, which is exceptionally high for a basic Pokémon like this.

Grotle 011/162

Grotle is the middle evolution.


Grotle is the middle evolution.Credit: The Pokémon Company

Grotle is the evolution of Turtwig, and has 120 HP with a retreat cost of four, which again is high.

It does not have any ability, and has two attacks. The first is Cut which requires one Grass Energy and deals 20 damage.

The second attack is Ramming Shell which requires one Grass and two Colourless Energy in order to use.

It will deal 50 damage, and the next attack to Grotle will deal 20 less damage.

Torterra EX 012/162

Torterra is the latest EX card to be revealed.


Torterra is the latest EX card to be revealed.Credit: The Pokémon Company

These two cards lead up to Torterra EX, a card from one of the stronger types of cards in the game.

Torterra EX has one of the higher HP values at 340, and a retreat cost of four.

This card has no ability and it comes with two attacks.

Forest March requires one Grass Energy and will do 30 damage for each Grass-type on the field, yours or your opponents’.

Jungle Hammer requires one Grass and two Colourless energy, and will deal 150 damage while healing 50 damage from Torterra.

If you want to read more about Pokémon, check out how to catch the game’s latest mythical Pokémon.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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